Here are some basics for your child’s diet:

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1. Avoid foods and drinks high in sugar - e.g. candies - during school days and limit over weekends.

2. Avoid foods and drinks containing stimulants like caffeine - found in coffee, tea, chocolate and coca cola, as well as in many energy drinks.

3. Avoid foods and drinks with artificial flavors and colors, especially tartrazine and MSG.

4. Try to keep junk foods down to a minimum.

5. See what happens if you eliminate wheat and refined carbohydrate from the diet for a few weeks. Many children have a wheat intolerance which can cause hyperactivity. Instead use oats, brown rice and rye bread.

6. Eat lots of fresh fruit, salads and veggies. Include fish in the diet as much as possible. Take a supplement containing flaxseed oil or evening primrose oil.