Dry Facial Skin

Natural remedies for relief of dry flaky facial skin to help moisturize and improve hydration.

Natural facial remedies to help moisturize and prevent dry flaky skin.

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What is Dry Facial Skin?

Our facial skin is subject to the environment every day – wind, temperature, additives chemicals, second hand smoke and lack of nutrients call all cause our skin to feel dehydrated and tight. When facial skin becomes fatigued and loses moisture, dead skin cells accumulate and dry skin may occur.

The skin may feel tight and hard, or have dry, cracked patches that flake or peel, causing an uneven texture.

What Causes Dry Facial Skin?

The most common cause of dry facial skin is lack of moisture in the skin layers, although other common causes include:

  • Washing the face too often
  • Washing your face with ordinary soap or harsh astringents (especially if done without moisturizing)
  • Very cold, hot or dry weather
  • Conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or rashes
  • Lack of essential ‘healthy’ omega fats in the diet
  • Changes as the aging process progresses

Help for Dry Facial Skin

Natural Remedies

Natural products such as herbal and homeopathic remedies can help keep skin supple and moisturized. Herbal and homeopathic remedies for cracked skin present a gentle option – without the harsh side effects of chemicals and synthetic ointments.

Spirulina can help to promote skin metabolism and lessen the appearance of fine lines and creases, while the herb Dandelion can be used to naturally detox the skin and purify the blood and lymphatic system, thus promoting moisturized skin through adequate hydration.

Other herbs such as Horsetail and Rosemary can also be beneficial helping to texture, strength and tone the skin while Kali sulph and Silicea nourish skin cells from the inside on a cellular level and support healthy fluid balance in skin tissues.

More Information on Dry Facial Skin

Tips related to dry facial skin:
  • Moisturize. This is very important: a person with dry facial skin should moisturize at least twice a day. If you shower in the morning use a moisturizer under make-up, but if you bathe at night, use a richer moisturizer
  • Use a skin tonic with natural fragrances – as chemical fragrances will often irritate dry skin. A good night moisturizer should have a mineral oil to help the skin retain its moisture
  • Avoid harsh scrubs and abrasives – use a rougher washcloth instead (used gently and moisturize immediately afterwards)
  • Wash the face in tepid water – never hot
  • Choose cosmetics for sensitive, allergy-prone skin. These will help minimize drying out of the skin
  • Always use make up with a built in sunscreen
  • Do not smoke – this ages skin prematurely and dries out facial skin – creating lines and wrinkles!


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