Natural treatments to help stop allergic sneezing fits due to sternutation causing allergies.

treatments for allergic sternutation to stop sneezing due to allergies

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What is Sneezing?

At one time or another everyone has pondered the exact mechanics behind a sneeze. With every breath inhaled, we take into our body tiny particles of dust and irritants.

As air moves up the nasal cavity, nose hairs and mucus collect these ‘rogue’ particles. Your body is triggered to shut the epiglottis (at the back of the throat) contract the chest and let out a huge sneeze! ‘Photic sneezers’ are those who feel they have to sneeze when they look into bright light – this is hereditary on one side of the family.

Sternutation, the act of sneezing, is actually good for the body, as it keeps the bronchial tubes that carry air from your nose to your lungs clear, and in good working order. This is particularly beneficial when your nose is clogged during a cold or flu – as a powerful sneeze can clear the nose in milliseconds!

What Causes Sneezing?

Ultimately, the body is trying to get rid of something by sneezing (usually something that is bothering the fine hairs in the nose, which could be dust, irritants due to allergies or when the body is sick with flu – trying to fight germs)!

Help for Sneezing

Natural Remedies

Natural herbal and homeopathic remedies can assist the body in keeping air passages free, and alleviating any irritation caused by an allergic reaction. Quercitin is a flavonoid that supports immunity.

Tissue salts have the added benefit of being safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding – making it suitable for all ages! Nat. mur. is a biochemic tissue salt which has an excellent effect in supporting healthy fluid levels in the body, including the nose, sinuses, chest and mucous membranes.

Ferrum phosphoricum is the biochemic tissue salt most useful during the first stages of inflammation or the early stages of a common cold that starts slowly. Arsen iod is a good treatment to address those who develop a fever and become very hot with nasal discharges. Euphrasia is a homeopathic remedy that can help to address irritation in the eyes, with cutting, burning or pressing pains.

Allium cepa and Wyethia can quickly lessen Hay-fever symptoms such as itching and irritable throats, while Kali bich and Sambucus are useful homeopathic ingredients when a tough, stringy, viscid secretion is produced – often with snuffles and red, burning spots on cheeks.

More Information on Sneezing

Tips related to sneezing:
  • To stop the spread of infections always sneeze into a tissue or the crook of an elbow – instead of your hands!
  • Always wash your hands and objects that you come into contact with when you are not well, like the keyboard or phone.
  • Try not to use nasal decongestants – as they can come with side effects and become habit forming. Remember sneezing fits can be a good thing!


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