Natural and herbal remedies to slow down the aging process and for the treatment of aging issues.


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What is Aging?

Most will agree that not growing older is often a secretly held wish! The allure of remaining young and holding on to our looks and physique is a major factor in marketing and media all around us. Yet from the time we are born, we are growing constantly and getting older. During aging cells lose their ability to divide, which can also weaken the immune system.

Aging symptoms are prolific throughout the stages of life and include puberty, menstruation, genital development, through to menopause, sexual dysfunction such as low sex drive or impotence, hair loss, eye problems and hearing loss. Conventional treatment for aging may include drastic measures such as plastic surgery, which comes with many risks – as well as controversial injections of growth hormone – the long term effects of which are not known.

What Causes Aging?

Aging is a rather mysterious process – and no definitive cause has been found – it seems to be a collection of factors within the body working together. One thing we do know is that aging has strong genetic factors. This explains how some cultures seem to age relatively well compared to others.

Although we may not realize it, on a cellular level, oxidization occurs and ultimately leads to aging. Most scientists will agree that free radicals often injure cells and lead to aging. The chemical process behind aging can be likened to browning a cake in the oven – on a cellular level the ‘browning’ happens between glucose and proteins which causes damage in our genes.

Help for Aging

Natural Remedies

Fortunately Mother Nature has equipped us with the tools to help slow down the process! The way you age is greatly determined by the way you live, and the amount of care you give your body! Herbal and homeopathic remedies have been used for centuries to nourish on a cellular level and promote vitality and vigor. A number of natural ingredients have been studied for their ability to support organs in the body – and thus discourage age-related complaints.

One such ingredient is Aspalathus linearis (Rooibos) – an all round supportive tonic, and has powerful anti-oxidant properties, fighting free radicals due to its superoxide dismutase (SOD) mimetic properties.

Grapeseed extract is a potent source of proanthocyanidins, or pycnogenols containing naturally occurring proanthocyanidins – a natural and powerful Antioxidant. Proanthocyanidins also have an affinity for cell membranes, providing support to reduce capillary permeability and fragility.

More Information on Aging

Tips to help slow aging:
  • Always use UV sunscreen and cosmetics. Sun exposure is a major contributor towards skin aging and wrinkles. Sun damage after the age of fifty can even increase risk of skin cancer.
  • Hydrate. A large portion of the human body is made up of water – so it makes sense that you should drink water and natural juices throughout the day – especially in hot weather. Skin hydration is also aided by drinking water and will lessen age-related fatigue on skin.
  • Stop smoking. Skin ‘vitamins and minerals’ are depleted greatly by nicotine. This means the greater risk of aging before your time. Smoking also contributes to the whole body aging, and also increases the risks of cancer, arthritis and osteoporosis.
  • Take it easy. Chronic stress can increase the aging process – which is why 8 hours of sleep is recommended each night! Try to relax through yoga or massage techniques.
  • Lacking essential vitamins and minerals is a major factor in aging – eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and food rich in antioxidants (vitamins A, E, C and selenium), zinc and copper – and add fiber to help your digestive system get rid of toxins.


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