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Natural remedies for the treatment of burning eyes.

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What Causes Burning Eyes?

Burning eyes is a term used to describe irritation and redness that may be due to a variety of possible causes. The most common cause is exposure to environmental irritants like allergens, smoke, chemicals and dust. Temperature extremes, high winds and exposure to the elements can also cause the eyes to become irritated and burn. Other possible causes are hay fever, conjunctivitis, viral infections like colds and flu or bacterial infections that can be caused by localized allergens in makeup and facial products. Eye injuries like cuts and scratches may also produce a burning sensation. Chronic burning eyes can also be due to eye strain and indicate the need for an updated eyeglass or contact lense prescription.

Burning Eye Symptoms

Other symptoms often accompany burning eyes including dryness, itching and bloodshot appearance. Sometimes the eyelids themselves may become inflamed if the cause is due to allergies or illness. Burning eyes accompanied by other upper respiratory symptoms tend to indicate other conditions like cold, flu or allergic rhinitis. Conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink-eye, is highly contagious and also causes burning and excessive watering of the eyes. It is very common in children.

Immediate medical care should be administered to burning eyes combined with bleeding or discharge from the eye. Severe eye pain, sudden changes in vision and sudden severe sensitivity to light along with burning eyes is also a medical emergency.

Diagnosing Eye Problems

Chronic burning and irritated eyes should be treated by a medical professional to determine the cause of the problem. This is done by first examining the eyes to rule out injury. If injury is eliminated as a cause, other accompanying symptoms that are present are also considered. Once a cause is determined, a treatment plan can be formed that may include discontinuing the use of certain products, environmental changes, medications or even new eyeglasses or contacts.

Help for Burning Eyes

Burning eyes can usually be helped by removing irritants. Throw away or replace makeup or cleansers that irritate the eyes. Stay away from second-hand smoke and other pollutants that can inflame sensitive eyes. Artificial tears can be helpful to moisturize and flush the eyes of irritants. If allergies or a cold are creating the problem, an antihistamine can provide temporary relief. Cool compresses on the eyes can help reduce swelling and puffiness that can lead to burning.

Chronic eye problems are sometimes treated with medicated eye drops to help reduce swelling and inflammation. Many people prefer not to use prescription drops due to potential side effects and choose to seek a safer, natural alternative instead. Homeopathic remedies are 100% safe and side effect free. Red Eye Reducer helps to reduce redness, soothe inflammation, relieve the bloodshot appearance and provide fast-acting relief from itching and burning sensations in the eyes.


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