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Natural remedies to promote clear eyes.

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Why are Clear Eyes Important?

Healthy eyes are clear and moist. Clear eyes not only indicate healthy eyes, but the state of overall health. When the body is ill, it is often seen immediately through the eyes. Allergies, colds and other viruses often lead to itchy, red eyes that are dry or excessively watery. Chronic red, dry eyes can also indicate eye strain.

Many other chronic conditions are readily visible in the eyes. Liver problems sometimes cause the eyes to have a yellow cast. In fact, there is a whole list of systemic conditions that can show in the eyes, even before the other symptoms manifest. Diseases like diabetes, cancer, HIV and aneurysms may have ocular manifestations. Regular eye exams can sometimes help illuminate other potential health problems.

How to Clear Eyes

Reduce exposure to all possible irritants including allergens, old makeup and flying debris on windy days. Use a HEPA purification filter in the home and a vacuum with a HEPA filter to reduce allergens and irritants in the home.

Wear sunglasses on sunny days; UV rays can be just as damaging to the eyes as they are to the skin. Take regular breaks from any activities that may cause eye strain, like reading and working at a computer. These activities are hard on the eyes and can create irritation and redness. Over time, strain can lead to vision loss. Stop and blink several times to refocus and moisturize tired eyes.

Ensure you are eating a healthy diet and supplementing when needed to get all the vital nutrients you need. Vitamins C and A are particularly important for eye health. Proper hydration is also important for maintaining healthy, clear eyes. Dehydration can lead to redness, burning and irritation.

How to Maintain Clear Eyes

Eat antioxidant rich foods that help promote clear eyes. Fresh berries of all kinds are a good choice. If your liver is stressed, drink some beetroot juice on an empty stomach to help detox the liver. Drink plenty of fluids every day and get enough sleep. If you wear glasses or contacts, have your eyes checked yearly to see if there is a need to update your prescription. Chronic red eyes or discoloration of the whites of the eye should be examined by a medical professional to determine the cause.

Once a cause is determined, a plan for dealing with the eyes and any underlying problems can be developed. This may include the use of medications or other treatments.

Natural Remedies for Clear Eyes

Artificial tears are available in most pharmacies and closely mimic actual tears. They can be used to moisten the eyes when dryness occurs.

Homeopathic remedies are 100% safe and side effect free. Red Eye Reducer helps to reduce redness, soothe inflammation, relieve the bloodshot appearance and provide fast-acting relief from itching and burning sensations in the eyes.

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