6 Herbs to Improve Love Making - Enhance Sex Drive

Enhance your love making by naturally increasing sex drive with herbs.

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Author: Christin S

Stress and hormonal imbalances cause many men and women to struggle with issues that affect their libido and sexual performance.  There are many advertisements for drugs for male erectile dysfunction, but many of these drugs have the potential for serious side effects.  Few realize there are many herbs that have been used safely for centuries in different cultures that improve desire and performance for both men and women.  If your love life needs a boost, consider natural remedies that contain the following potent sexual enhancement herbs.

Ashwaghanda, or Indian Ginseng is an Ayurvedic herb that has been used for thousands of years in both men and women to strengthen the reproductive system, enhance desire and improve libido.  Ashwaghanda is an adaptogen that helps the body relieve stress, a common precursor to sexual dysfunction.  It increases endurance and improves energy. 

Eleuthero is also known as Siberian Ginseng.  It is also an adaptogenic herb that supports multiple body functions.  It is used for its ability to enhance athletic performance, boost energy and stamina, relieve stress and promote overall well-being.  Eleuthero supports the adrenal glands which have an impact on sexual health due to the role they play in producing hormones. 

Horny Goat Weed improves erectile function in men and also acts as a libido enhancing aphrodisiac in both women and men.  It has been used as part of traditional Chinese medicine for over 2000 years.  The leaves of the plant contain a flavanoid, icariin that contributes to the sex-boosting effects of the plant.  Horny goat weed is also reported to relieve menopausal discomfort in women.

Muira Puama nicknamed “potency wood”, is a Brazilian herb used in both men and women.  It is an aphrodisiac that increases libido and prolongs sexual performance.  The Amazonian people have used this herb for centuries as a general health tonic and impotency remedy.  Muira Puama increases blood flow to the pelvic region, resulting in heightened sensation and increased pleasure for women as well as stronger erections for men. 

Sarsaparilla is a woody vine native to South and Central America.  It is used for both men and women for hormonal reasons.  For men, it stimulates testosterone and in women it reduces symptoms of menopause and may increase libido. 

Yohimbe comes from the bark of  a west African evergreen tree.  The active ingredient, yohimbine increases blood flow and is said to enhance libido, treat erectile dysfunction, and improve performance.  Yohimbe is also used to treat depression and anxiety.  

Many of these herbs can be found in our safe, all-natural remedies.  Thanda Passion Booster is an herbal remedy for women that balances hormones, naturally increases libido and enhances pleasure and orgasmic strength.  Ikawe is a natural remedy for men that maintains strong erections and improves sexual performance in men. 

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