7 Diet Pill Alternatives

Lose weight naturally, a safer method than diet pills.

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Author: Christin Sander, Health Writer

The diet industry is a booming business. According to the FDA, over $60 billion is currently spent on diet products and programs every year and that amount is increasing. Many products make unsubstantiated claims of effortless weight loss and do not address the nutrition and lifestyle changes that must occur to make permanent weight loss a reality. 

Diet pills are a big seller. There are pills designed to suppress the appetite, boost metabolic energy, block the absorption of fat or sugar, or a combination of these actions. Unfortunately, many of these products also pose serious health risks due to their side effects and potential for abuse.

Diet Pill Side Effects

Diet pills often contain artificial stimulants and other ingredients that can heighten anxiety, stress the heart and disrupt the natural metabolic and digestive processes.  Other side effects include mood swings, tremors, nausea, diarrhea and headaches. There is also a high risk of addiction, but the FDA does not require this disclosure on package labeling.

People who end up abusing diet pills tend to do so because they are unhappy with their self-image. They mistakenly believe diet pills are a fix for weight loss. Over time, addiction to the pills results in the need for more to get the same effect. Long-term abuse of diet pills can be deadly, leading to congestive heart failure or stroke.

With all the potential risks and side effects of diet pills, many seek natural, safer alternatives. Try the following seven tips instead of diet pills.

Safer Alternatives

If you are prone to cravings and your energy spikes and crashes, try dividing your meals up into several smaller meals. Five or six smaller meals spread throughout the day can normalize blood sugar, suppress cravings, and make reaching weight loss goals easier. 

Eliminate trigger foods like simple carbohydrates, sugar, and processed foods. These foods are calorie dense but nutritionally deficient, resulting in more hunger which leads to weight gain. Substitute simple carbs for a piece of fruit instead. You'll satisfy the sweet tooth and save a lot of empty calories.

Drink green tea instead of coffee. The catechins in green tea have been shown in several studies to boost metabolism and aid weight loss. They also provide an array of other health benefits including reduced cancer risk and lower cholesterol.

Boost your digestive function by eating foods rich in probiotics. The healthy bacteria aid in digestion – a vital part of keeping an active and healthy metabolism. 

Use herbal remedies to support the thyroid and boost metabolism naturally. Herbs like Bladderwrack and Turmeric support the adrenals and also aid the digestive system.

Detox with natural herbs. The kidneys and liver are responsible for processing all the food we put into the body. When we overload our system with toxins from processed foods, excess fat and sugar consumption, the body can't keep up. This results in fat cells being activated to store the excess toxins and protect the body.  Cleansing the liver and kidneys regularly can spark weight loss and help the body run more efficiently. 

Boost your metabolism, detox and increase fat loss naturally with homeopathic remedies like Triple Complex Slimmer's Assist, which is safe, all-natural and non-addictive.

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