Alcohol and Blood Pressure Medication

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Tess Thompson

High blood pressure usually does not produce visible symptoms. When symptoms do start showing they do so progressively and get worse by the minute. Before you know it, it is time for emergency measures must be taken and the person must resort to conventional high blood pressure medications.

Mild or shooting chest pain, seizure during pregnancy, confusion, weakness on one side of the body, short breath, severe back pain and swelling in the legs are various symptoms of impending danger. These should be reported to the doctor immediately.

Primary blood pressure is more easily manageable with lifestyle changes. A healthy and natural lifestyle is essential for preventing cardiovascular diseases since it helps keep blood pressure in check within the normal range. Adopting healthier habits and learning about the numerous natural remedies for high blood pressure available can help in keep your blood pressure stable and within a healthy and normal range. Lifestyle changes and natural remedies can also aid in improving overall health. A natural lifestyle also aids recovery even when high blood pressure medications have been prescribed. If you are on a blood pressure medication treatment, avoid excessive alcohol consumption as it is one of the primary reasons that time-tested blood pressure medicines fail to work.

More than two 8 oz. drinks per day can raise blood pressure levels. It can also lead to a resistance to high blood pressure medication. Heavy alcohol consumption can result in a stroke, heart failure and heart rhythm abnormalities. More than three servings of alcohol a day is considered heavy drinking. Those who commonly indulge in occasional immoderate drinking run the risk of severe elevation in blood pressure.

Moderate consumption of alcohol though is actually good for the heart and blood circulation. A comparison between teetotalers and light drinkers shows that there is a lesser risk of cardiovascular disease in moderate drinkers. The exact manner in which small quantities of alcohol improve circulation or lessen the risk of a heart disease is not clear. However, it is suspected that the shift in cholesterol and hormone level production is the basic reason behind improved circulation. Correct hormonal levels prevent the blood vessels from becoming tense and keep clotting in check.

High blood pressure medications each exhibit different characteristics. Your doctor is the right person to advise you as to how alcohol affects each drug specifically. You should also consult your doctor as to the amount of alcohol considered safe when you are being treated with a specific drug. Most conventional high blood pressure drugs, however, can be administered along with a daily intake of two drinks for men and one for women.

Also keep in mind that alcohol has adverse effects on different organs in the body. Temperance should always be adhered to because as the body adapts to a certain level of alcohol, you tend to take in higher levels.


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