Alternative Medicine to Treat Thyroid Disorders

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Tess Thompson

The human body can function at optimal health only if its normal biological processes continue to function in a manner that they are supposed to. These biological processes are a complex system of reciprocate actions and reactions. A slight disturbance that can occur due to numerous reasons can lead to disturbance in the chain reactions and can ultimately cause disease.

The endocrine system is comprised of glands that secrete hormones to control the body’s metabolic activity. The thyroid is an important gland that secretes thyroid hormones which regulate the metabolic rate, growth and the way many other systems function.

All cells in the body need thyroid hormones, and optimal thyroid health is critical to the overall health of an individual. An overactive or under active thyroid can lead to skin problems, allergies, weight gain or weight loss, fatigue, anxiety, stomach and intestinal problems, sleep disorders, pain and a host of other issues. In addition, a number of disease like goiter, Graves and Hashimoto’s disease are also associated with thyroid problems.

Alternative medicine offers a vast multitude of options for treating both thyroid conditions. There are reports of successful management and remission of specific symptoms of thyroid problems with acupuncture, herbs, homeopathic remedies, dietary modifications and reflexology.

While acupuncture is insertion of fine needles at pressure points to release energy and restore thyroid function, reflexology is massage to relieve tension by finger pressure on reflex points on the big toe and the arch of the foot.

Alternative medication for a specific thyroid condition mainly is comprised of herbs and homeopathic remedies. Herbs for thyroid health are plant-based products that are natural sources of iodine and minerals, because iodine is critical for the production of thyroid hormones. Thyroid-specific herbs include Ayurvedic herbs like triphala, guggul and ginger. Homeopathic treatment is always constitutional, but Iodum, Spongia, Calcarea and Fluoric ac are mostly used to address symptoms related to thyroid problems.

Being holistic, alternative medicine includes dietary changes to include foods that suppress or aid thyroid function. Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, kale, soy, turnip and mustard greens suppress thyroid activity and are good for hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) and should be avoided if it is an under active condition.

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