Are You Fighting for Focus?

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The Battle Against Everyday Attention Zappers


When did life get so complicated? We may not be able to pin-point the exact moment, but often as we grow up the struggle with balance between our home-life and work-life grows along with us.

As responsibilities start to expand and we become parents or homeowners, higher level employees, or take on other personal obligations, we require amplified multi-tasking capabilities.

For some, the skill grows along with the need and transition occurs gradually; for others, they begin to suddenly question their ability to focus and struggle just to keep up.

There are a many reasons why people may feel overwhelmed and struggle with focus. For some it's adult ADD/ADHD and for others it may just be life... in its highest concentration.

Many cases of ADD/ADHD are diagnosed in adulthood—whether or not symptoms were present and unaddressed throughout childhood or adolescence, or are magnified now with greater life responsibilities— but hidden symptoms more manageable in "simpler" stages of life an are now being realized to interfere with daily functioning.

The solution to finding strategies that work for you and attaining better focus may be closer than you think… as it is possible that you may only be experiencing stimulus overload from everyday attention zappers.

Consider these potential attention culprits. However, you’re really struggling to focus despite a conscious effort to pinpoint the initial causes of your struggles; you should consider consulting a professional as well.

Potential Attention Culprits

1. Modern technology.
Few of us completely disconnect from all our gadgets once we leave work or daily required routines. Whether it’s a cell phone, computer, portable music player or other organizational or communication tool, when used to excess, our mind never gets a chance to fully relax and recover. However, if you struggle on a regular basis to unwind, this may be a signal that your body needs a little extra support to stay focused. Try Focus Addult™ for improved focus and concentration.

2. Poor sleep habits.
While everyone goes through periods of disturbed sleep, over time, this could lead to a decline in optimal brain functioning. Be sure to monitor sleep patterns and see if your ability to focus improves with extra zzz’s. Try Sleep Tonic™ to help improve the quality of your sleep for restful nights.

4. Excess stress.
We can’t avoid it, but we can manage it properly. Studies consistently show the negative effects stress can have on health. Incorporating proper relaxation techniques can work wonders on helping regain focus. Physical exercise improves blood flow to the brain to improve brain functioning, as well as mental exercises like crosswords or other mental tasks. Try Calm Tonic™ to help reduce feelings of stress and tension.

5. Diet.
Our bodies need a holistic balance of diet and exercise to function best. While scientific links are hazy to correlate ADD/ADHD symptoms to food intake, anything that contributes to a sluggish digestive system takes energy away from the brain. Healthy eating provides the brain with the nutrition it needs to function at its best, as many herbs and vitamins that promote mental focus can be attained through diet. Try Slimmer's Assist™ to help improve the quality of your sleep for restful nights.

Using Natural Remedies to Help

Whether it's ADD, ADHD, bad habits, diet, sleep or life that's causing your focus problems, there are many herbal and homeopathic remedies that can help. These remedies help maintain harmony, health, and systemic balance in the brain, nervous system and your entire body, all without side effects or sedation.


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