How to Build a Healthy Immune System Naturally

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Tess Thompson

Your immune system is engaged in a constant battle against invasions of foreign antigens or disease causing pathogens. Immune system health is all about reducing the susceptibility to disease. An unhealthy immune system leads to frequent illnesses.

Pharmaceuticals, especially antibiotics, tend to inflict damage to the immune system through their side effects and inherent toxicity. Conventional medicine focuses on immediate relief and chooses the antibiotic alternative rather too frequently. The patient may show signs of immediate relief but long terms effects of antibiotics are worse than the benefit derived from them. A lot of minor ailments require a wait and watch policy and go away on their own. Homeopathy and herbal antibiotics try to provide long-lasting benefits. The main focus of alternative therapies has been to treat symptoms as body’s responses for self-healing and on strengthening the immune system.

Immune system health is directly dependent upon what we eat, drink, breathe, and wear. The human body is programmed to cleanse toxins naturally but there is a set limit of how much toxins it can process successfully. The present day scenario of overwhelmingly huge amounts of toxins in the environment, in commercial foods as preservatives and in pharmaceuticals has in a way ‘clogged’ the natural cleansing nerve tracts in the body.

Whereas, environmental toxins can be averted only if concerted efforts are made on national levels for a greener world, it is within our capacity to maintain our own bodies if we really want to. Food and drugs form the major proportion of the toxins that we ingest on daily basis.

The body’s ability to fight disease is greatly affected by our dietary habits. The right choice of food can boost your immune system to enable you to combat bacteria efficiently. Fast and processed foods are completely lacking in nutrients. Additionally, the use of microwave oven leaks electro magnetic radiation and converts cooked food into toxins and carcinogens.

Fats and refined foods harm the immune system too. White flour, white sugar, white rice, white potatoes, white salt are all refined and should only be eaten occasionally. Sugar, especially refined sugar, is one of the biggest villains. One spoon of refined sugar can halt the immune system responses for six hours. It is better to ingest home cooked meals that contain plenty of food and vegetables instead of relying on food supplements and commercial foods that many times contain numerous preservatives and additives. In addition look for herbs for the immune system, a staple of the healthy lifestyle that our grandparents led.


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