Christian Weight Loss Programs

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By Tess Thompson

Frankly, it is difficult to distinguish secular weight loss plans from Christian weight loss programs. Christian weight loss programs include everything that standard weight loss plans advocate, such as following a low-calorie, low-carbohydrate diet, and getting exercise. The only difference is that Christian weight loss programs have a theological dimension attached to the programs.

Just as any other weight loss program, the effectiveness of a Christian weight loss program needs to be evaluated. The point of debate is that whether the attached Christian messages like "your body is a temple of God and must be cared for" or "You are made in the Creator's image and owe it to Him to care for your body" can influence the outcome or not.

The basic fact is that healthy weight loss plans produce a positive effect, irrespective of it being secular or Christian. For example, if a message from a Church promotes a diet that is downright unhealthy and does not consider the basic requirements of the body, it is liable to cause more harm than good - faith alone is not likely to help you to lose weight.

We all know that a balanced diet that includes carbohydrates, proteins and fats coupled with daily exercise according to your tolerance levels is the most healthy weight loss plan. The body needs all the food groups in the recommended proportions, and denial of any one of them is tantamount to depriving the body of essential nutrients. Denial of any one of these can also affect the metabolic rate, which is necessary for the conversion of nutrients to energy and the development of lean muscle. We also know that eating small portions, slow eating and plenty of water intake help to digest food properly-- which ultimately results in better elimination of wastes.

At the same time, it cannot be denied that faith plays an important role in the lives of religious people. Faith may be a matter of debate for unbelievers, but many live their lives by the principles. Christian diet programs can prove to be great motivating force for those who have a large inertia to get going.

Church-based diet programs do have an advantage of a readily available support group and the motivation of doing something for God. It must be admitted that in the absence of motivation, many people find it difficult to follow diet plans that require strict discipline. In the absence of research, it can only be suggested that a religious message can do wonders for the faithful-- provided the diet follows sound medical principles.


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