Developing a Positive Attitude through Affirmations

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Tess Thompson

A positive attitude is looking at the brighter side of events and disregarding the negative aspects. Simply stated, it is like perceiving a glass as ‘half full’ rather than ‘half empty’. A positive attitude to life and events helps in quick resolution of grief and coping with other life situations easily.

There is an old saying in the Hindu scriptures which says ‘think and it shall be’. The way you think is the way you are. If you are prone to always look at the negative side, it is likely to affect every aspect of your life. If you keep on thinking that ‘this is not achievable’ or ‘I am not capable enough to do that,’ you are most likely to fail in your attempts. On the contrary, a positive attitude encourages you and increases the possibility of success. Whether you succeed or fail is another matter altogether, but a positive attitude enables you to give the challenge your best shot and you get the satisfaction of having put your best foot forward.

The key to be free from negative thoughts and emotions is to be aware of the transient emotional shifts. Affirmations are a common and popular method of developing awareness of the ‘self’ and achieving a positive mental attitude.

Affirmations are repetition of positive statements that are repeated mentally or aloud. These may be about situations, habits or goals. These are positive assertions that you make to yourself repeatedly till they have a permanent affect on your subconscious mind. There is nothing supernatural about it; it is simply mind power that is instrumental in transforming a negative outlook into a positive attitude till it becomes a habit. The change can be equated with a change in the shape of a hard rock by a drop of water falling on it over a period of time.

Mere repetitions of empty meaningless sentences are not affirmations. Affirmations have to be powerful sentences that inspire and motivate. They must be strong enough so as to have a long lasting impact on your psyche. Once negative and restrictive thoughts are transformed into positive and constructive ones they have the capacity to improve your life.

Life can be extremely unfair at times. A positive attitude allows us to accept that life situations are under no one’s control. It is also an effective way of managing emotions. We tend to respond to our inner voice that is inclined to be critical of ourselves and others. The internal critic compels us to respond according to standards that we have developed about how we should think, feel and act. Most of the time, these require us to dance to the tune of others, and in most cases, these norms are based on societal aspects. A positive attitude can free us from these compulsions and lead us to emotional wellness, which is a precursor of success.

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