A Discussion of Depression Medication Side Effects

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Tess Thompson

Depression is a prolonged feeling of melancholy and intense sadness. It can sometimes affect normal functioning and cause a disruption in a person’s life. Treating any kind of depression involves medicines such as antidepressants, mood elevators, or mood stabilizers. There are other options available for treating depression including many natural remedies for depression like diet control, herbal supplements, and homeopathy.

All medication prescribed to treat depression attempts to correct the supply of neurotransmitters that conduct nerve impulses. The dosage of the medication that is prescribed is decided on the basis of trial and error. Therefore, it is expected that the patient may not feel immediate relief from their depression as the dosage is experimented with and adjusted over time. In addition, a well kept secret among the medical fraternity is that some drugs are prescribed to counter the side effects that antidepressants are likely to create. Some soporific drugs are also administered to induce peaceful sleep.

Depression drugs have improved in recent years. The earlier drugs used for treating depression were potentially lethal, even in moderate doses. These drugs are now rarely used as the newer drugs are safer and have more manageable side effects.

In some cases, the side effects start surfacing even before the medication has had a chance to work toward decreasing the depression symptoms. In such cases, the medication should not be stopped. Managing the side effects is the challenge that needs to be faced, but it can be done with a little bit of adjustment. For instance, a dry mouth is a very common side effect that can be managed by sipping water or brushing teeth regularly. Just as easily, constipation should be handled by increasing the intake of fiber.

The most common side effects of the newer depression medications are headaches, nausea, nervousness, insomnia, drowsiness, difficulty in urination, and reduced vision. Most of these are temporary in nature and should subside quickly. Another side effect that you will want to discuss possible solutions for with your doctor is sexual dysfunction.

Natural remedies for depression do not have any side effects. In fact, some of the remedies can help in alleviating some of the side effects caused by conventional medication.

All side effects should be brought to the attention of your physician. A good physician will suggest ways in which you can cope with the side effects and discuss with you additional side effects you may experience in the future.

It is critical that prescription medication is not stopped unless recommended by the doctor. This is essential, because sometimes the withdrawal symptoms themselves can seem as challenging as the side effects.


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