Famous people with Attention Deficit Disorder

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Tess Thompson

If you have a child who has been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, there is no need to despair. ADD is a condition that needs special care and you as a parent need to accept the situation and deal with it. Abandoning hope for your ADD child is not a solution. But understanding the symptoms of the condition and exploring the various child ADHD treatments will enable you to tackle the situation better.

You could choose a specific ADD treatment from among the various options possible. You could opt for a herbal remedy for ADD or natural treatment if you are not so keen on opting for medication due to the side effects. These herbal or natural remedies can curb the symptoms to enable the ADD child to function in a normal manner in day-to-day life.

Don’t think that you shall only be able to manage an average life for your child. There are many examples in history that tell us about famous people who have shown signs of ADD and yet been extremely successful in their field of operation. The list that is quoted spans people from each and every field that you can think of. Inventors like the Wright brothers and Thomas A. Edison and great artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Mozart are known to be part of the list. Some of the people mentioned in the list may not have been clinically diagnosed for ADD but they definitely showed some signs of ADD in their lifetime. Present day celebrities like Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone and Whoopi Goldberg are also known to show signs of ADD.

The fact that these great and illustrious people have achieved great heights in their selected fields sometimes leaves one wondering whether ADD should be classified as a disorder or not. Some researchers have purported that most people who show signs of ADD, have amazing creative skills that allow them to excel.

It is therefore important that you not underestimate your ADD child’s capabilities and emphasize on the positive aspects of an AD condition. It almost seems that ADD in children can actually prove to be advantageous in certain cases if the condition is handled properly.

But you should not look at only the achievements of these famous people and feel relieved. Almost all famous people who showed some signs of ADD have undergone a struggle in their early years. Thomas Edison’s teachers had written him off assuming that he was too stupid. Newton used to get extremely poor grades in school and Einstein did not utter a single word till he was four years old. Robert Frost, the great poet was expelled from school for daydreaming.

The role that you need to play to ensure that you can bring out the best in your ADD child is to nurture his creativity and create situations that allow him to exhibit those qualities. You also need to provide the support that your child will need to build his self-confidence so that the best in your child can surface.

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