Herbal Medication for Stress

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Tess Thompson

Stress symptoms can be very debilitating and can interfere with daily work schedules. This is because most of them involve the physical as well as mental health of an individual. People in search of instant stress relief often end up becoming dependent on conventional drugs because once their effect is over, the symptoms resurface with greater intensity, indicating the need for a higher potency dose.

Conventional medicine asserts that it is only an overdose of drugs that leads to side effects and that they are safe if taken under medical supervision. The ground reality is that these drugs provide instant relief from symptoms without considering the underlying cause of the disease and therefore provide only symptomatic relief.

Herbs were once the mainstay of all treatment. However, they were relegated to the back seat by the invention of the ‘so-called’ wonder cures. New invention did lead to the cure of many diseases that were earlier considered to be fatal, but for minor ailments their use came with a price. More than anything else, the side effects of allopathic drugs have brought herbal medication back to the forefront.

Herbs like kavakava, aloe vera, evening primrose, rhodiola root (golden root, roseroot), green tea and ginseng have long been used for treating stress. When you deal with stress, you have to take into consideration the factors that have causes stress in the first place. These herbs do not relieve stress instantly. They work in different ways to relieve stress. Unlike conventional medicines, herbs contain complex compounds that are capable of providing multiple benefits. It is this property of herbs that addresses the wide range of changes that occur in the body due to stress.

Different herbal medications work as mild sedatives. In addition, they provide relief from physiological problems like irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, skin problems and a host of other ailments associated with stress. Additionally, herbal medications for stress support the health of the immune system and aid the body’s own natural curative powers. There is no risk of dependency because they are slow-acting compounds. Herbs are mostly used in the form of teas, tablets, concoctions or in diluted liquid form.

Despite the advantages, it must be emphasized that daily stress does not indicate any type of medication – neither conventional nor herbal. Mild stress can be managed with some minor changes in lifestyle. It is only in case of chronic stress that is unmanageable by natural ways to relieve stress that medication should be sought.


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