Herbs for Anxiety - Some Facts

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Tess Thompson

Natural treatments for anxiety include yoga, meditation, healthy food, oral dose and external application of herbs. Some of the common herbs that are used to prepare oral medicines are Passion Flower, Lavender, St. John's Wort and Balm.

Passion Flower also known as Passiflora incarnata is an ornamental perennial root plant. The plant has many-seeded berry fruit; the ripe orange color fruit is sweet and edible. The leaves of the plant before flowering and ripe fruit are dried to prepare the medicine. This herb reduces arterial pressure and increases the rate of respiration; it is used for the treatment of anxiety, nervousness, sleeplessness and epilepsy.

This herb provides restful sleep without any hangover. The medicines that include Passiflora may cause drowsiness, so the dosage guidelines must be followed and care should be taken while driving or handling machinery. Lemon Balm also known as Melissa officinalis is a small garden plant with lemon odor and perennial root. The lemon scent from the leaves of this plant is coaxed out by crushing the leaf.

Balm/Balsam get's the name Melissa from the Greek word 'bee'; the sweet-smelling oils of the plant are used to renew youth, strengthen brain and to chase away melancholy.

Lavender also known as Lavandula angustifolia is a shrubby plant with aromatic flowers. The fresh & dried flowers are used to prepare medicines. English Lavender grown in England is considered to be of the best quality. Lavender is used to treat anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, loss of appetite and depression. Lavender is combined with other herbs to prepare an anxiety relief tonic.

Lavender aromatherapy and lavender oil are also used to improve general well-being. Lavender improves appetite, dispels flatulence and raises spirits. St. John's Wort also known as Hypericum perforatum is a perennial wild plant. The name is derived from Greek word Hyperieum that means "over an apparition" according to M. Grieve, author of A Modern Herbal. According to her the whiff of this herb will cause evil spirits to fly away. This herb is used to treat hysteria, nervousness and depression.

The combinations of these herbs in proper ratios are prepared under the guidance of medical practitioners. The tonics must be taken in the prescribed dosage to avoid access. The main function of these herbs is anxiety relief and treatment of panic disorders.

These herbs are not recommended for pregnant & breast-feeding women. Oral does of lavender may cause women to start menstruating.

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