Home Remedies For Male Yeast Infection

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Vaginal infections are definitely more common than penile or rectal yeast infections in men, but that does not necessarily mean that males should not be aware of contracting a yeast infection, since they can affect the rest of the body. Moreover, a yeast infection is primarily passed on to males during intercourse with a woman who has is suffering from vaginal Candida.

Yeast infections are also known as Candidiasis after the name of the microorganismCandida albicans that causes it. Candida is yeast-like imperfect fungus that is naturally present in the gut, mouth, mucous membranes, and vagina. Its population is controlled by good bacteria, which are also naturally present in the body and are an essential part of the intestinal flora. Conditions that lead to overgrowth of Candida and destruction of good bacterium are primarily responsible for yeast infections that necessitate yeast infection treatment with a Candida diet, creams for local application, and anti-fungal oral drugs.

Men may get penile yeast infection through sexual transmission, due to low immunity, overuse of antibiotics and steroids, spermicides used in condoms, and high sugar level in the urine.

Conventional medicine tends to provide relief from symptoms, only to find that they resurface again. Any type of Candida cure, including penile yeast infection, must primarily address the basic problem of yeast overgrowth in the intestines.

Basic emphasis of all Candida treatments is on dietary changes.

  • Inhibit the growth of Candida - Candida loves sugar and is the major dietary cause behind overgrowth. Limit sugar intake to the minimum required to meet energy requirements of the body. Avoid commercial foods, fried foods, and other simple carbohydrates. Basically, a diabetic diet is suitable for controlling yeast infections as well. High level of blood sugar tends to pass through the urine, which can cause penile yeast infections.
  • Promote the growth of friendly bacterium like acidophilus, which are present in yogurt, or supplement with probiotics. Eat at least two to three glasses of yogurt every day. Eat lots of garlic, as it is anti-fungal. Unless there are enough friendly bacteria, Candida will keep on growing despite dietary restrictions.

Regarding penile yeast infections, the best way to prevent them is to practice safe sex. Use condoms, making sure that the lubrication is without Nonoxynol-9, which is basically there for its spermicidal effect. Lubricating the vagina with chemical lubricants is not recommended, as it is one of the causes behind vaginal Candida. Sexual arousal normally provides enough lubrication for satisfying intercourse, but if it is needed, use non-perfumed mineral oils.

Candida treatment can essentially be done at home, and if you are careful, you may have no need for medication. Diet, safe sex, hygiene, and properly treating your partner (if she has vaginal yeast infection) are all that you will require. Circumcised males are less prone to develop penile yeast infections, as Candida tends to develop more easily in the moist and damp fold of the penis.