Homeopathic Remedy - Hypothyroidism

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Tess Thompson

The thyroid gland maybe small in size but when not functioning properly, it can wreak havoc with an individual's overall health. The thyroid gland synthesizes two main thyroid hormones: triodothyroxine and thyroxine, commonly called T3 and T4, respectively.

The thyroid secretes a mixture of T4 and T3 in the ratio 90:10. Both of them regulate body metabolism and certain other important biological functions. An overactive thyroid that secretes too much hormone is called hyperthyroid. Hypothyroid, on the other hand, is a condition where there is an inadequate secretion of these hormones.
Symptoms like fatigue, depression, lack of concentration, inability to manage weight loss or gain, constipation, and coarse skin do not usually call for medical attention. But it is symptoms like these that indicate a malfunction in the thyroid.

Some of the other symptoms of thyroid dysfunction are hair loss, sensitivity to hot or cold, menstrual irregularities, abnormally low blood sugar, puffiness around eyes or ankles, and increase in serum cholesterol.

Conventional thyroid treatment treats all cases of hypothyroidism by seeking to replace the natural hormone with synthetic hormones. The dosage is determined based on trial and error.

Natural thyroid medicationthat uses hormone replacement therapy makes the use of hormones prepared from pig tissue. These can at times, interfere with the natural functioning of the human body.

Alternative thyroid treatments like homeopathy, seek to ascertain the root cause of the disease.  Homeopathy is based on the principal that a group of symptoms produced by a particular remedy in a healthy person will cure a similar set of symptoms in a sick individual. A homeopathic physician prescribes thyroid medications based on individual symptoms.

Homeopathy requires a lot of time and effort since the physician needs to study patient history, living styles, diet preferences and mannerisms into before prescribing a customized remedy.
Sometimes simple procedures may be prescribed instead of medicines to ensure efficient and fast healing.  Some of these may include:

  • A gentle tapping of the thyroid gland ten times, three time a day
  • Soaking the feet in water with sea salt
  • Rubbing feet with a mixture of castor oil and kelp tincture, wrapping in plastic overnight

Homeopathic remedies do not interfere with the natural healing process of the body. On the contrary, they stimulate the body organs to restore normal body function. With regard to hypothyroidism, this would mean that homeopathic remedies reactivate hormone secretions.

The main aim of homeopathy and other alternative thyroid treatments is to aid in self-healing so that synthetic products can be avoided.

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