Magnet Therapy for Stress Relief

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By Tess Thompson

A permanent magnet retains its magnetism even after it has been removed from a magnetic field. Magnet therapy for stress relief has an interesting past. It is understood that lodestones were used in ancient civilizations (a permanent magnet consisting of magnetite) to treat symptoms of various diseases. Among these diseases were some stress symptoms. Modern magnet therapy involves the use of stronger magnets so that the effects of the processes could reach deeper organs, and include elements like cobalt, boron, neodymium, boron and samarium.

Magnet therapy is based on the premise that bringing permanent magnets close to different parts of the body can restore anomalies in organ functioning due to electromagnetic induction. Some people believe that the effect is linked to the fact that the earth has a magnetic field that affects overall human health. Since the planet’s resources have been compromised, the Earth’s magnetic field has weakened over the years, resulting in an adverse effect on human health. Magnet therapy attempts to restore this overall health by application of the magnetic energy on different parts of the body.

There are two ways in which magnet therapy can be used. In one of the processes, a stationary magnet is attached to the affected body part, like in a head bandage, for instance. Over the years, many magnetic stress relief products have also found their way into the market. Shoe insoles, heel inserts, mattress pads, belts and bracelets have been developed and are being marketed as therapeutic devices.

The other manner in which magnet therapists use magnet therapy is by moving hand-held magnets over the affected parts of the body. Another recent development in this area of practice is the use of magnetized water and small magnetic particles to treat specific ailments.

The technique, as mentioned earlier, causes electromagnetic induction, which produces a slight current that stimulates nerves. There is a consequent release of natural painkillers like endorphins that help the body to relieve stress and pain. When bipolar magnets are used by therapists, the alternating dual polarity magnifies the effect and produces a powerful, circular current that feels like conflicting tides in water.

Magnet therapy has assumed great popularity over the years, and is being researched extensively in different institutions all across the world. Many of these institutions have reported encouraging results. The potential of using magnets to treat stress-related psychological disorders like clinical depression and bipolar disorder is also being studied. Magnetic therapy is totally devoid of any side effects, and therefore may emerge as one of the most effective techniques of reducing and managing stress.


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