Natural Cures for Loss of Sex Drive in Men

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Tess Thompson

Most men retain some interest in sex until their 60’s and 70’s but a decline in sex drive is inevitable with age. The degree of the decline varies but is mostly gradual. An abrupt loss of interest is almost always a sign of an underlying disease. Prostate enlargement and medication taken for treating it is one of the major reasons behind such instances. Rarely, disorders like testicular atrophy and sudden reduction in male sex hormones due to an endocrinal disorder may also cause a sudden loss of the urge to have sex. A frank discussion with your physician or an urologist can help in identifying the underlying cause and treatment may help in regaining sex drive.

However, depression, general fatigue and stress are the most treatable causes behind a sudden loss of sex drive in men. Actually, overall wellbeing is critical to sex drive and performance. Recent studies have shown that Viagra, one of the conventional drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction, has side effects and its long term use may actually harm your sexual health. The natural approach for regaining virility has no side effects and has long term benefits.

Natural cures for loss of sex drive are far removed from the sexual performance products that provide only temporary results. You are back to square one once the effect wears off, and this may even occur during intercourse. Generally, a natural cure would involve the following:

  1. Eliminating stress
  2. Addressing the problem of low production of testosterone
  3. Overall sexual health and general wellbeing

Both sexual appetite and fertility are linked to nutrition. A malnourished male is less likely to have a healthy sex life. The primary tool that naturalists have is food. Some of the best known aphrodisiacs are found in what we eat daily. Onion, ginger, garlic and pepper are the most commonly known aphrodisiacs. Nuts like almonds and pistachios specially known for their Vitamin E content, are natural boosters and recommended as a premature ejaculation treatment to address impotency and erectile dysfunction.

If low testosterone is identified, the following foods can help in increasing production of the hormone naturally:

  1. Raw oysters
  2. Avocados
  3. Bananas
  4. Salmon
  5. Asparagus
  6. All types of nuts
  7. Cheese
  8. Brown rice

In addition to foods, supplements help in increasing blood flow. Erectile dysfunction is probably the most common sex problem that men face at any age. One episode of erectile dysfunction usually leads to hesitation in becoming intimate in the future. An erection is a complex function that requires the body to be physically fit with no obstruction in the supply of blood to the genitals. While conventionalists would want to wish away the efficacy of alternative treatments, three of the most non-controversial natural supplements are Ginseng, L argentine and Gingko Biloba. All three play a major role in improving free flow of blood in vessels, provide antioxidants and maintain general health. Ginseng, in particular, acts as a sexual balancer, a virility tonic, and it normalizes the production of the male hormone while increasing the metabolic rate.

Although foods and supplements help in maintaining general health, particularly sexual health, your own efforts will actually be priceless. Try adopting a positive attitude, forgetting grudges and lead a stress-free life to see how quickly you regain the lost sex drive.


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