Prostate Health and Sexual Frequency

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Michele Carelse

Sex has both physical and psychological connotations. It requires not only physical fitness but also a cool and calm frame of mind before and during the act. Psychologically speaking, most women would have you believe that men are too ‘sex crazy’. Men, on the other hand, have both psychological and physical problems, especially after they reach the age of forty and if they have an enlarged prostate.

There is a strong belief among specialists that prostate health and the frequency of the sexual act are interrelated. The simple logic is based on these beliefs:

  • The prostate produces a fluid that forms a major part of the semen.
  • To produce the seminal fluid, the gland and the seminal vesicles take up citric acid, potassium and zinc from the blood and concentrate them up to 600 times.
  • Any carcinogenic substances that might be present in the blood are concentrated along with the fluid.
  • Such carcinogens can potentially cause prostate cancer.


The theory goes like this - Instead of letting cancer forming substances remain within the body, it is much better to ejaculate them frequently to avoid prostate cancer. Some studies have revealed that ejaculation for more than five times a week during your 20s, by whatever means, regular sex or masturbation, reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer during middle age. While this theory may be contested by some, there is another typical situation that connects frequency of sex and prostate health.

Men, after they reach forty, are prone to develop a condition known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) as a part of the aging process. It is an abnormal growth of the prostate gland but different from prostate cancer. However, both require prostate medicine, surgery, radiation or herbs for inhibiting prostate enlargement. Erectile dysfunction is one of the symptoms of prostate enlargement and also a side effect of some conventional prostate medicines. The ability to sustain an erection improves as the patient respond to treatment. This in turn leads to an urge for frequent sex.

An urologist is the recommended specialist who is best equipped to treat BPH because of the urinary symptoms connected with the condition. Urologists are also qualified to render beneficial advice related to sexual problems caused by the physical conditions like prostate enlargement. Drugs like Viagra are expensive and the response that prostate cancer patients demonstrate after the use of such drugs is limited. Penile injections, a more effective treatment, are as invasive, if not more, than the surgery for prostate cancer.

Despite its occurrence in a vast majority of men, prostate enlargement still remains a much less talked about condition. Young men need to be educated about the benefits that they can derive in their middle age by keeping their prostate in a healthy condition. They can combat prostate enlargement better if they adopt a better lifestyle and keep them fit with exercise.


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