The Best Home Remedy for Tension Headaches

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By Tess Thompson

A typical attribute of headaches is that they are difficult to confirm. Even medical experts who specialize in headaches are unable to determine with surety the type of headache a patient is experiencing. There are no laboratory tests available to confirm specific types of headaches. Diagnosis is mostly based on what the patient has to say and the symptoms that are described. What adds to the misery is that at times, headaches are used as a convenient scapegoat by many to avoid doing something they are not in a mood to do.

The most common type of headache is the tension headache, or tension-type headaches, considered to be a result of muscular stress. Efforts to link muscular tension with imbalances in brain chemicals have still not produced definite conclusive results, and researchers are not quite sure yet whether they are interrelated to each other or not. Another common reason for tension headaches is commonly believed to be emotional stress (tension).

While over-the-counter analgesics are normally effective in getting rid of a headache, it is not always a good practice to pop a pill every time you have a headache. Moreover, recurrent or chronic headaches would mean frequent medication leading to side effects, addiction and more headaches the moment you stop taking the pill.

If you look for natural treatments and home remedies, you will find that every person seems to have discovered his own remedy. Just as headaches are typical to everyone, so are the home remedies.

The best home remedy for tension headaches is to relieve stress - physical as well as emotional. And the only way you can relieve stress without taking medicines is to relax. You may consider any one of the following ways to relieve stress to see what suits you the most.

  • A simple yogic posture, shavasana, is one of the most effective ways of relaxing the entire body. Lie down as if you are dead and concentrate on your breathing.
  • Stretch the neck and upper back muscles. Let your shoulders loose and slowly turn your head, first from right to left and then from left to right. Stretch and release each muscle or a group of muscles, from the facial muscles down to the shoulders.
  • Massage is an excellent home remedy for tension headaches. Instead of massaging the temples with your fingers, try to gently massage the neck and shoulder muscles.

Perhaps the second best home remedy for tension headaches is self-suggestion. The more you think about the headache, the more conscious you are of it. Try your best to forget that you have a headache. Do not mention it to anybody or even to yourself. Once your mind is off the headache, you are most likely to go about your work schedule and forget that you were feeling a dull pain in your head. If you are emotionally stressed, remember that a positive frame of mind is always helpful in overcoming worries. Try to see the positive side of events instead of worrying about negative outcomes.


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