The Best Way to Lose Abdominal Weight - Aerobic Exercises and Balanced Diet

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By Tess Thompson

If you are part of any community that discusses weight loss, then you would know that the one aspect of weight loss that is most difficult to accomplish is abdominal weight loss. Even though there are other parts of the body where fat tends to cluster, the abdomen poses the maximum challenge.

There is no doubt, therefore, that there are various exercise aids for abdominal weight loss that have been developed. However, even as you lay more stress on the abdominal muscles while exercising, there is no way in which you can ensure what they call, ‘spot weight reduction’. When you exercise, you lose weight across the body. Regardless of whether you want to lose weight on the abdomen or the thighs, the best way to lose weight is through the concerted effort of regular exercise and diet modification.

Another misconception that some people have about exercise is that any type of exercise will help in weight loss. Exercises are commonly classified as aerobic and anaerobic. There is a vast difference between the two as:

  • Both institute different metabolic processes in your body.
  • There is a difference in the duration of the exercise.
  • The intensity of muscular contractions involved varies.
  • Both types differ in how energy is generated within the muscle.

Anaerobic exercises consume glycogen or sugar without the aid of oxygen. These are strong bursts of activity that last for short periods as you tire out quickly. These exercises are less efficient when it comes to weight loss.

Anaerobic exercises help in strength training for building muscles, an achievement that almost 90% of the population can only dream about. Sit ups and bench presses that are exercises directed to lose weight at the abdomen last for a short duration and help in building muscles. These exercises do not help in loosing abdominal weight.

Aerobic exercises, on the other hand, use oxygen to break down glycogen into glucose and in its absence the process of fat metabolism is initiated. Aerobic exercises involve moderate but continuous activity over longer periods.

Running long distance marathon at moderate pace is an aerobic exercise while sprinting 100 meters is anaerobic exercise. Similarly, playing singles tennis, as it involves continuous motion, is generally considered to be aerobic while playing doubles is not as it involves short bursts of activity with frequent breaks. Aerobic exercises are best suited for a lasting weight loss.

As aerobic exercise burns calories to a considerable degree it results in an increased appetite after every workout. If you are serious about losing abdominal weight you cannot afford to be complacent about the choice of foods you eat. It is also not advisable to eliminate either carbohydrate, protein or fat in your diet as that this can disturb the internal biochemistry to a great extent. The emphasis should be on eating a healthy, natural and balanced diet that is all inclusive but moderate in quantity.

Aerobic exercise for at least twenty minutes a day and a healthy choice of foods is the most recommended way to lose weight naturally - for the abdomen and overall.


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