The Restless Mind and How to Control it

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Tess Thompson

The human mind is famous for its restlessness. It would rather pay more attention to frivolous matters than staying put and focus on the job at hand. The biggest challenge to control a restless mind, however, is posed by the fact that our mind wanders without our explicit intention.

What is it that actually makes the mind restless? Is it external disturbances or the upheavals that are incessantly going on within us? In fact both aspects interfere in our ability to focus and they are related to each other. For example, if we are busy reading a book and suddenly there is a disturbance or perhaps we see someone moving outside, we start relating events associated with the person in our minds. The mind jumps from one thought to another. Despite of the fact tat our eyes may be fixed on the book, the mind is actually far away and not registering what the eyes may be reading. Stress is another major factor that limits our attention span .

Howsoever unbelievable and difficult it may seem you can actually learn how to improve focus and concentration by training your mind to focus on the job at hand. The basic idea is not to over load the brain with extraneous emotions, thoughts and stress.

Meditation or relaxation exercises like spending quiet times interacting with the inner self can help in achieving better focus. All you need to do is to sit in a quiet place in solitude and ponder. Do it for everyday for a couple of minutes to start with. Initially the mind will wander and you will not be able to concentrate. If you have the inclination and persist long enough, you will start enjoying the exercise and the mental peace that it provides. Gradually increase the time and go deeper to make contact with your inner self. As the inner self filters through, your emotions and the mind will slow down. That is the time you truly connect with yourself and realize the futility of irrelevant emotions.

Have you ever realized that the more you want something to happen, the less you see it happening? The reason is simple: you are not working towards a goal but wasting time by concentrating on what you do not want.

Self suggestion and the way you talk to your self or others makes a lot of difference to how you respond to situations. Observe the negativity in your words and make a conscious effort to change towards positive language. Affirmations that you may make to yourself can help you achieve better results.

Restlessness is good only if it pertains to moving ahead in life. If you are not restless you are less likely to look for newer avenues for growth. A habitually restless mind, on the other hand, hampers your attempts to improve your attention span. A restless mind gives rise to fears, doubts and causes suffering.


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