Memory Loss

Natural remedies for cats and dogs with memory loss to help strengthen the memories of pets.

remedies for memory loss in cats and dogs to help support pet memories

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What is Memory Loss?

As our beloved pets get older, so they are subject to many of the same ailments and age-related impairments that us humans are faced with including aching joints, lack of energy and inattention. Your pet may be walking with a purpose, and then forget where they were going and what they were doing, perhaps they’ve started to forget once familiar guests or have brief moments of confusion when faced with certain situations.

Your pet may not be able to learn new tricks as easily as when they were young, and may not be able to remember where they hid that bone in the backyard, but this type of decrease in "concentration":cats-dogs-poor-concentration-remedies.html can be expected with age.

What Causes Memory Loss?

Although the aging process can cause some memory loss, marked memory loss is not a normal sign of aging and may be a symptom of pet senility or other conditions such as tumors, injury or illness affecting the brain.

Diagnosing Memory Loss

Memory loss is more easily noticed in humans who frequently forget where they left their specs, or car keys, and can’t seem to remember names and dates as easily as they once could. In pets, memory loss is often seen in subtle and noticeable behavioral changes and signs of disorientation.

They may become quite startled or anxious on seeing someone they ought to recognize and they often wander aimlessly or seem to forget where they are in familiar settings.

Cats tend to forget where their litter boxes are and dogs may have moments where they forget to go outside, having" accidents" in the house a common sign of severe memory loss. Some pets with memory loss also become quite distressed on waking as they become confused and unsure of where they are.

Memory loss can be a serious problem, especially if your pet starts to forget to eat or drink, or if they wander off somewhere and become lost. If you notice memory loss in your pet, then a trip to the vet is always advised so that a proper diagnosis can be made and appropriate treatment recommended.

Help for Memory Loss

Natural Remedies

It can be heartbreaking to see you pet so confused and forgetful, but there are certain natural ingredients that can specifically help to improve memory cognitive ability. Gotu kola is one such herb and it is well known for its memory enhancing properties.

Similar to this is the beneficial effects of Rosemary which increases the blood flow to the brain and in doing so helps improve memory and mental alertness. Spirulina is also a firm favorite when treating memory loss and other related symptoms as it is an excellent health tonic which boosts the immune system, improves memory and enhances overall vitality.

More Information on Memory Loss

Tips for easing the difficulty of memory loss
  • Keep your pet’s environment stress free and predictable. Set some good routines in place and avoid unnecessary changes such as re-arranging the furniture.
  • Consider changing your pet’s diet to one suited to senior pets. Supplements including omega-3 fatty acids as well as anti-oxidants can help prevent further memory loss and improve mental functioning.
  • Constantly remind your pet where you are in the house, as they may forget and become quite distressed.
  • Provide your pet with a stress-free and predictable environment. Keep things structured and in routine and where possible, avoid change in your pet’s life.
  • Help your pet with daily grooming as they may forget to clean and groom themselves. A regular brushing of the coat and a quick nail trim will help them feel clean and fresh again.
  • Make sure your pet remembers to eat and drink regularly. Try a pet drinking fountain as the bubbling sound of the water will help remind them to drink.
  • Some pets forget where their litter box or back yard is! Try placing additional litter tray around the house, or take your pet out on frequent potty breaks.
  • A forgetful pet can quickly become lost and disoriented. Make sure you know where your pet is at all times and that he or she cannot wander off.