Rapid Breathing

Natural treatments for cats and dogs to help calm and relax rapid, shallow and labored breathing.

natural relief treatments for rapid labored breathing in cats and dogs

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What is Rapid Breathing?

Rapid breathing in pets is referred to as fast, labored or an increased rate of breathing that is usually a symptom of a respiratory disorder. It is also known as Tachypnea.

What Causes Rapid Breathing?

Like with humans, rapid breathing can be brought about by physical exertion, heat, stress, fear or a reaction to medications. Rapid breathing may be caused by various upper and lower respiratory disorders such as bronchitis, pneumonia, laryngeal diseases, cancer, air in the chest cavity or obstruction of the airways.

Other causes such as fever, obesity, cushing’s disease, anemia, diabetes, enlarged organs or bloating or heart diseases like arrhythmia, and congestive heart failure may also bring about rapid breathing. If you notice that your dog or cat is constantly breathing rapidly which may also be accompanied by coughing, fatigue, loss of appetite, vomiting or diarrhea, you should consult your vet immediately.

Diagnosing Rapid Breathing

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Your vet will perform a thorough physical exam as well as a variety of tests to determine the exact cause. Tests such as a complete blood count, urinalysis, biochemic profile, or chest x-rays may be performed. In addition, further tests such as an ultrasound of the heart and thoracic cavity, thoracocentesis, rhinoscopy or CT scan may also be performed.

Medications such as antibiotics or anti-inflammatories may be administered to treat infection or inflammation while some pets may need fluid therapy if they are dehydrated. In some cases, animals may receive oxygen therapy if they have breathing difficulties.

Help for Rapid Breathing

Natural Remedies

Natural remedies have proven to be highly effective in treating the symptoms of respiratory infections in pets. Herbal and homeopathic treatments are safe and gentle to use, and provide relief without being addictive.

Carefully selected herbal ingredients such as Inula helenium (Elecampane) and Marshmallow promote respiratory health and functioning, thereby easing breathing difficulties. Homeopathic ingredients such as Mag. phos., Kali. mur. and Arsen. Albs are excellent natural remedies for respiratory problems and also benefits overall health and wellbeing.

More Information on Rapid Breathing

Tips to reduce rapid breathing in pets

There are several things that you can do to decrease rapid breathing in your pet and these include:

    • Keep your pet out of the hot sun and in a cool environment
    • Never leave your pet in the car even if it is just for a few minutes as the temperature in a closed car rises rapidly and can be fatal within minutes
    • Always ensure that plenty of fresh, clean water is available
    • Exercise your pet daily but avoid over exerting them and reduce strenuous physical activities especially if they suffer from a respiratory disorder or heart disease
    • Make sure that your pet is vaccinated against respiratory infections before visiting boarding facilities such as kennels, or dog or cat shows
    • Bring pets indoors during allergy and summer season
    • If the air in your house is dry, use a humidifier, vaporizer or steam from a warm shower to clear up the air and ease your pet’s breathing
    • Keep windows open when cleaning with household cleaners
    • Feed your pet a high quality, natural diet that is free of colorants, preservatives and additives
    • Clean and disinfect food and water bowls daily as well as sleeping facilities to avoid infection
    • Supplement your pet’s diet with immune building supplements
    • Reduce stress in your pet by spending quality time with him
    • Stop smoking – not only is it bad for your health but also your pet’s health


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