Homemade Dog Breath Freshener

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Tess Thompson

As a dog owner, have you ever noticed that some visitors often complain about the ‘dog smell’ that pervades in your house? Unless you own a dog, it is difficult to get accustomed to it. Dog breath can also sometimes give out an offensive smell and can be extremely embarrassing.

Although bad dog breath occurs mostly due to improper dental care, it can also be a result of stomach problems or certain metabolic diseases. Flatulency may lead to gaseous emissions from your dog’s mouth as well as anus. You can look for a good dog breath freshener to get over such problems in the short term. However, these should be considered as temporary solutions and cannot be expected to address underlying stomach or metabolic problems.

If you are not so open to using a commercial breath freshener for your dog, you can try some homemade formulations that may be more effective over the long term.

Make a combination of fennel, dill, parsley and ginger extracts with peppermint or spearmint oil and pour some drops in the water bowl. Remember to do that every time you refill the water bowl. You can also mix this concoction with whatever you are feeding your dog. Fennel, parsley, ginger and dill are very good for digestion and restrict production of gas in the stomach. Peppermint and spearmint oils take care of the bad breath.

Another mouth freshener that can be prepared at home includes mixing shredded carrots, lime juice, and half a cup of chopped fresh mint. You can feed this as a standalone treat if your dog accepts it, or you may mix it with dry food for equally good results.

Making mild changes in your dog’s diet may also help as a natural dog mouth freshener. Dogs do not prefer vegetarian food as it is against their inherent food preferences, but they can be trained to accept it along with the meat that you generally feed. To ensure proper digestion and avoid flatulence, home-cooked food is better than commercially prepared dog food. If you have brought home a small puppy, you should start early and try to accustom him to raw vegetables.

Prevention is better than a cure, and ensuring that your dog’s teeth are properly brushed and cleaned helps promote overall health.


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