Home remedies for kennel cough

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By Tess Thompson

Kennel cough is an illness that infects mostly canines and sometimes cats also. The condition is very similar to that of the common cold in human beings and the best treatment for this condition is to let it run its course.

The problem, however, is that the symptoms of kennel cough are extremely painful and can test the patience of many dog owners. The dry, honking cough can keep you and your dog awake through nights for more than 15 to 20 days at times.

Many people suggest cough suppressants as a remedy to check the cough, but cough suppressants actually keep the phlegm from coming out increasing the number of days of misery for your pet. And the longer the kennel cough stays, the chances of it developing into pneumonia or any other infectious illness increase.

Prevention is the best form of cure, they say and nothing could be truer for kennel cough. Giving your pet a vaccine and a booster dose when required is the best way to save him from the agony that he will go through if he contracts the disease.

Since kennel cough is best avoided, here are some suggestions to increase the immune system of your dog.
Add some vitamin C to your dog’s diet. Giving supplements is a good idea since you can be sure of the amount of Vitamin C that is being administered daily.
Herbal medicines or tincture to increase immunity are also available in the market.

In the unfortunate event of your dog contracting kennel cough make sure that you take special care of your dog and try and alleviate his symptoms by providing good care. A humid environment can help in providing relief for a dry cough. You could use a home humidifier or vaporizer and keep it close to the dogs kennel, crate or resting place. Reduce the levels of exercise while your dog is suffering from kennel cough.

Though cough suppressants are not recommended, a mild pediatric cough medicine can be use if the cough gets too painful and violent for the dog. This canine respiratory infection cure may lead to some suppression of the cough and delay overall healing and so should be administered only in extreme cases and in consultation with a doctor. At all times keep your pet warm, comfortable and dry because this is critical in containing the problem.

You could also give your dog some honey to ease an irritating throat, reduce exposure to smoke and keep him indoors.

The only manner in which you can give this care to your dog as soon as he gets the disease is to be aware of the symptoms and treatment for kennel cough well in advance so that you can identify the onset and react immediately.

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