Homeopathy for Cats – Ear mites

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By Tess Thompson

Pet ear infections pose a perpetual problem, equally for owners and the specialists who are called upon to treat them. The fact that your pets have been domesticated and made to change their natural habitat is one of the major causes behind their vulnerability to attacks from infectious bacteria and parasites like ear mites.

The limitations of conventional medications, including side effects that lead to more problems than they are supposed to cure, has been instrumental in giving a boost to alternative therapies. These holistic therapies take a holistic view of disease. Homeopathy, one of many alternative therapies, may be relatively less popular because this therapy is slower in treating an ailment. At the same time, the fact that homeopathy attempts to remove the root cause of a disease and not just the symptoms, is not properly advertised.

Homeopathy is a treatment that cares for the disease on the basis of how a disease manifests itself in an individual. It treats symptoms as the body’s own attempt to cure. Rather than trying to provide a temporary relief, it focuses on the condition causing an ailment. Having proved its merit in treating human conditions, it is now being extensively used for treat pet ailments as well.

Cat and dog ear mites remain one of the most common underlying conditions behind ear infections in pets. As in dogs, cat ear mites live in the ears and cause irritation and incite the cat to scratch its ears. If not handled in its early stages, mite infestation can further lead to:

  • Increased production of wax in the ears
  • A black and dry discharge from the ears
  • A foul smell
  • Secondary infections
  • Aural hematomas (a localized swelling of a blood vessel)

Homeopathy offers natural remedies for treating ear mite infestation and does not have any side effects. The remedy aims at improving the auto-immune system of the cat. A strong immune system helps in combating any future infections.

Homeopathy suggests different remedies for ear infections depending upon the type of symptoms and behavior of the pet. For example, Sulphur is advised for cats that prefer cool places. Psorium is indicated for cats who love warmth. For intense itchy and sore ears, Rhus Tox is the most recommended remedy. For cats that show signs of a thick, sticky and foul smelling discharge, Graphites is the preferred remedy.

Being holistic in nature, homeopathy lays more importance on prevention. Bimonthly cleaning of ears is highly recommended and homeopathy has remedies for this aspect of managing ear infections also. A combination of Calendula Officinalis, Verbascum Thapsus, Pulsatilla Causticum, Conium Maculatum, and Kali Muriaticum is highly effective in eliminating ear mites and cleaning the ears. Unlike conventional therapies, homeopathy does not restrict the use of home remedies for dog ear mites as both homeopathy and home remedies are based on natural products.



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