How to Give a Dog a Shiny Coat

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Tess Thompson

A healthy skin and a lustrous coat is a matter of great owner pride. It also reflects the internal good health of a pet. Two things are extremely necessary for a good, shiny dog coat - internal health and external care.
Internal Health

Beauty, as you know, is only skin deep. A strong and healthy body can ensure a healthy skin and, in turn, a shiny coat. Whatever the color or type of coat, proper nutrition is instrumental in improving the appearance of a dog’s coat. There are many dog food brands that claim to have adequate nutrients that can help in obtaining a good coat for your pet. You can also choose to give your dog a nutritional coat supplement. These supplements can provide all the specific nutrients that are necessary for a good skin and coat.

Before buying dog food make sure that you read the label for its contents. Not all the pet foods available in the market pay proper heed to the quantitative and qualitative requirements of dogs. Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals need to be in a proper balance to ensure a healthy skin. In case you are formulating a homemade diet, you should consult your veterinarian first.

Intestinal parasites can gobble up nutrients and cause conditions that ultimately reflect on the skin and coat of the dog. The dog becomes weaker; the coat may lose its luster and require extra care. These parasites are mostly visible in the feces and can be treated with regular de-worming and prevented through cleaning the environment.

External care

All dogs need to be groomed by their owners. Cats are however, better at grooming themselves and therefore the amount of grooming, cleaning and bathing required for them is less. There are combs available for removing mats and untangling long hair. Regular brushing can remove dead hair and small scales from the skin and hair. Regular grooming can also help in early detection and treatment of external parasites.

External parasites like ear mites and fleas or ticks induce excessive scratching in pets that ends up in causing lesions and patches, or canine and feline hair loss . External parasites can be very uncomfortable for the dog and can make life miserable.

Shampoos meant for humans can cause allergic reactions in dogs. Specialized dog shampoos have a lower pH level, which is more suited to a dog’s skin. These shampoos are also treated especially so that they do not cause irritation in the eyes. If your dog has an itchy skin or if his coat looks rough and patchy, you can choose a shampoo meant for the specific condition. An organic shampoo is preferred if you know that your dog develops allergies or irritations from using normal dog shampoos.

Quite a few cat and dog skin problems can be detected early if you groom your pet regularly. Some conditions like dog and cat dandruff , dog or cat acne and lesions are usually mild in nature and easy to treat at home.


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