Natural Cure for Canine Cushing's Disease

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Information and natural remedies for the treatment of ailment.

By Tess Thompson

Cushing’s disease in dogs is known as hyperadrenocorticism, a reference to the basic cause of the disease. Cortisol, produced by the adrenal cortex, is an endocrine hormone that is released to aid the body in responding to stress and change. It also plays an active role in the metabolism of ingested nutrients, summons resources in response to inflammation, induces the liver to raise blood sugar, and maintains water levels in the body. Hyperadrenocorticism is a condition in which the body continues to produce and release cortisol even after the stress factor has been eliminated.

Cushing’s in dogs is characterized by excessive urination and thirst. If left untreated, it progresses rapidly, showing symptoms like a bloated stomach, dull and dry coat, diabetes, fatigue, baldness and an increased appetite. Eventually there is a marked deterioration in the overall appearance of the dog.

There are various treatment options that include surgery and chemotherapeutic drugs. These treatment modalities are usually chosen since the condition is caused by a pituitary or adrenal tumor in most cases. Surgery is a viable option if the condition is being caused by adrenal tumors. However, most reported cases of Cushing’s disease turn out to be pituitary-dependent, and are therefore treatable only with chemo-like drugs.

Cushing’s disease occurs mostly in older dogs and can be accompanied by other painful disorders like arthritis and metabolic disorders like diabetes mellitus. Considering old age, side effects of chemo and exposure to further suffering, most dog owners opt for no treatment at all. The focus in such cases is to make life comfortable for the dog as long as he lives.

Take a look at the natural diet of dogs and you will come to know how best to help the hassled dog’s metabolic process. Your dog’s internal systems are different from humans. A change in diet that is focused on raw meat and vegetables can go a long way to provide support to normal organic processes of metabolizing nutrients. You may also look at certain herbal and homeopathic formulations specifically meant to support adrenal functioning.

A change in diet and natural herbal supplements cannot cure Cushing’s, but can improve your dog’s general health and alleviate the suffering. There is no dearth of information with regards to Cushing’s in dogs in pet health journals, as the condition is fairly common among domesticated dogs as they get old.

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