Pet Anxiety Wrap

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By Tess Thompson

Dog is man’s best friend. We have heard this saying numerous times, and it is almost universally agreed that it is true. There are innumerable stories that support this truth, but it is also true that dogs must be trained for house life. There are many aspects of house training that you need to go through before you can rest assured that your dog is fully trained.

Dogs need to be house trained. They need to understand what behavior is desirable and what is not. Pet owners also need to ensure that their dogs do not suffer. For example, separation anxiety in dogs can lead to a situation where all that has been learned can be forgotten.

Normally dogs are fast learners and can be trained at home if you know the basics. For some specific situations, you may need professional help. Anxiety is one of the conditions that can only be handled when specific techniques are used. Such techniques can help in relieving stress in pets.

One thing to note is that intensive training can get tiresome and frustrating at times. If you feel that you cannot be patient with your dog, employing a dog trainer is a better option. Sometimes even a trainer cannot succeed in his efforts for relieving stress in dogs. You may think that medication is the next best approach, but you need to realize the side effects that they can cause.

A pet anxiety wrap is a recent invention that attempts to help in many ways, assuming the claims made by the manufacturers are to be believed.

The theory behind pet anxiety wraps is that dogs require different ways to learn from past experiences. The normal method of training is reward and punishment. This system almost always works. The exception, however, is of dogs whose past experience has been very harrowing and present fears are so overwhelming that they are unable to focus.

A pet anxiety wrap is a fabric tool that increases the positive effects of sensations that are sent by the brain’s receptors. A certain level of "maintained pressure" is applied continuously to calm frustrated nerves. The effect is similar to that of stroking and patting down a dog.

No matter the authenticity of the manufacturers’ claims, anxiety wraps are marketed with a note that they are a tool to be used in conjunction with other training techniques and not as a standalone remedy for all anxiety-related undesirable behaviors.


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