Better-Bladder Control Testimonials

Better-Bladder Control™ is a natural treatment to help dogs and cats from leaking urine.

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"I have two puppies 4 months old from the same litter and one was constantly having accidents in the house, especially by the door. He just couldn't hold his urine very long. Within two days of using this product, it made a huge difference. No more accidents. I definitely recommend it!!" — Erica, PA, USA

"My 9 year old female cat started leaking a small amount of urine while she slept and had recurring bladder [problems]. I started her on UTI-Free and after the first day the blood in her urine was gone and the incidences of leakage decreased. She is not completely cured of the leakage but the bladder [issues] are gone. I have added Better-Bladder Control and the leakage has decreased to about 3, quarter size, instances a week from every day or night leakage. After many tests and dollars at the vets I was happy to find this product and am pleased with the results." — Carol B., USA

"My Labrador was getting on in years and had frequent accidents around the house. [Better-Bladder Control] has helped tremendously!" — Lara

"Our Yorkie, Leo, was getting to the end of his life and was dribbling urine now and then. Our vet said it was nothing serious. We have been using the PetAlive products for a long while now and we decided to try [Better-Bladder Control]. He has been a different dog and seems to know that he isn’t messing anymore. Thanks you for giving him back his dignity in his old age." —Trudie, Jack and Leo

"My 11-year-old Rottweiler mix, Maddie, has been suffering from [an issue] for over a year now.. I started her on this and within the first two weeks, I started to notice she was no longer leaking while she was sleeping. She has had no side effects from [Better-Bladder Control], and I would highly recommend this product to anyone. Thanks, and I am so glad I found this product." - Laura, PA, USA

"…Every time I left the house I knew I would come back to dribbles on the floor. Thanks to [Better-Bladder Control], no more wet patches on the rug!" - Renee, FL, USA

"My cat was hit by a car last year and has had related issues ever since. The vet had said to us that she would have bladder ‘accidents’ now and then. Sure enough, she has struggled to control her bladder. We were skeptical about this product, but with our vets approval we tried it. We cannot tell you how pleased we are to tell you that she can hold it in now! She still has one or two spills form time to time, but nothing like before! Thanks so much" - Timothy and Lee

"…We have three cats and a dog. My wife was about to give up, she spent her entire life cleaning up after accidents. Our friend recommended this product and it has worked like a charm." - Simon, Vancouver

"My dog used to wet himself when I arrived home from long trips. Our vet said this was because he got so excited to see me! I saw this product and decided to try it. My husband gives her a few doses the night before and on the morning I am due to arrive home. It’s worked every time!" - Merill

"Our delightful Ms. Idgie at age 13 began to leak...not only when asleep but just when walking around. She was very embarrassed and tried to clean up after herself. We got a … [something] from a veterinarian but wanted to try Better-Bladder Control first. It worked! We followed the directions and she hasn't had "an embarrassing moment" since. She is once again a perky puppy. Thank you." - Elizabeth F., USA

"Sophie, our 15 yr. old lab mix, started losing urine while sleeping. My research made me aware that this is fairly common in older, spayed females. She sleeps so soundly that she does not feel the urge to urinate. We tried diapers but that was not an option, she felt like she was being punished. I am a user and proponent of alternative and homeopathic modalities and in my search found your product. I thought we would give it a try for a while, realizing that the effectiveness of natural products generally is not immediate but takes a little while to become systemic. To our great delight, we noticed VERY shortly that "accidents" just stopped happening! We are so relieved… We thank you and Sophie thanks you." - Helga G., USA