LiverAid Testimonials

Natural remedy for cats and dog to help promote a healthy liver, pancreas and gallbladder.

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“My 16-year-old kitty, Tiggy, [had a problem]. I.started him on.LiverAid and Pancreas Booster twice a day and low-fat.[cat] food. He acts like a kitten.playing and racing around the house and up and down the stairs. Prior to this., he couldn't walk up the stairs because of pain in his abdomen. I pray these products are never discontinued!” — Colleen C., Canada
LiverAid was started several months ago for my 10 year old Doberman who suffered… Today she is happy, has a good appetite, and runs and plays with our other I assume it has helped her very much. Thank you!” — Adeline, Canada
“THIS IS GREAT, my puppy… is on LiverAid and UTI-Free he eats a low protein diet (kidney function) that I get at the vet he is over a year old now and is doing very well THANKS TO PETALIVE.” — Lora F., NC, USA
“My 1 1/2 yr old Chihuahua was rushed to the emergency vet… prior to that he had been his normal self. He stopped eating and drinking. It was like he was at death's door… Due to financial issues, we were sent home with some medications. I noticed no improvement. I found [the PetAlive] website 6 days after the vet's visit, [and] ordered LiverAid to be delivered overnight. After giving him the [remedy], in conjunction with the medicine prescribed by the vet, I saw such improvement in him. I couldn't believe my eyes. He was up walking, barking, wagging his tail (and even managed to get a poop out (something he hadn't done in a week). After only one day… I can't wait to see what he is like after a few more days…! This is a wonderful product and I really can't thank [PetAlive] enough! I will be buying more products for improvement of all my family's health.” — Tina C., NC, USA
“My Min Pin Mary is 10 Yrs old, she got very sick about a month and a half ago .I took her to my vet and he told me she had [pancreas problems] and we had to keep her in the hospital she was thee 3 days receiving liquids but would not eat. I brought her home and ground up the food and fed her with a dropper and also gave her water that way, she was not getting any better so my husband took her back to the vet, they took her blood again and this time he told my husband she was dying… my husband called me and I said there is no way I am going to lose my Mary. I got on the internet and started researching, I came upon your site I called my daughter and told her what was going on, now my husband wouldn't believe we could help her so he would not let me order the LiverAid for her so my daughter ordered it for me. You cannot believe this is the same dog I was told that was going to die. I then ordered the Immunity and Liver Support for her, I am so thankful for you all. My Mary has a lot of years left for me to enjoy her. Thank you so much and God Bless.” — Linda, USA
“My 13 year old dog has made remarkable progress. She no longer falls when attempting to run. She can now get up without my help. Her appetite is superb and her body temperature normal. Because she's been on so many of your products simultaneously, I cannot say for certain whether LiverAid alone has done the job… (My dog was given up for dead in July). Once the results are in, I'll let you know and intend keeping her on your products. At this time though, I still have a large supply of Liver Aid, C-caps, Performance Plus and one bottle of EaseSure. I may order more Detox Plus since I liked the excellent condition of her fur and skin while on it. Thanks again, PetAlive, you have almost single–handedly saved my beloved old pet. By the way, her energy levels are so high that she's been fighting (physically) her sister of the same age who is having a little trouble keeping up with her aggression. (I have now begun to expose her sister to your products too). Best wishes, one satisfied customer!” — Bennie
“This product is amazing! My cat Zak was diagnosed with Liver [problems] about 2 months ago and with the proper TLC and LiverAid, he is back to his spunky self! The natural way is the only way! Keep up the good work, PetAlive!” — Kristin, NY, USA
"This product is truly remarkable …After 6 weeks, she is just a different animal thanks to the LiverAid, which we plan on continuing for some time." — T. Holmes
"…With the LiverAid, we have seen a big change in our cat’s overall condition, and when I saw her chasing her catnip mouse across the floor yesterday, I said to my husband that I would write in - we are just so grateful for this, as she is really our 'little girl'!" — Erica B.
"The vet recommended LiverAid for our dog ...I have great confidence in your remedies, and my whole family uses your remedies for people - it seems like your pet remedies are of the same high quality! Thank you for always delivering on your promises!" — William
"I am writing about my 13 year old Lab/Bulldog mix - We've changed her eating habits to holistic foods and added LiverAid with each meal. After 4 weeks she is doing very well …Thanks, PetAlive!!" — Lya, FL
"Basically my cat Parker was on death's door. She lost a lot of weight and turned yellow. Through some blood and urine tests I found out that her liver wasn't functioning. Searching on the internet led me to Native Remedies. After a few short days Parker started looking better and eating better. Her gums and skin turned pink again very quickly. Now she's back to running around with my other cat and I couldn't be happier about it." — Joel S., Ontario, Canada
"My four- year old poodle was diagnosed with elevated liver enzymes two weeks ago and I was told by my vet that it was caused by too many allergy shots and she might possibly have adrenal issues. Naturally he put her on antibiotics and some other type of liver support medicine that was very expensive. Both of them made her sick and she quit eating. She is supposed to return to the vet in a few days for a re-check to see for sure if she has adrenal issues. I started the LiverAid and Cushex Drops only last night and she has already improved!!! I will not be returning to the vet. I had another poodle a few years ago that had cancer and I treated her myself with natural herbs and I know for sure that she lived longer because of it!! I look forward to using your other products in the future." — Kathy, MS, USA
"…As for the LiverAid, my dog is 16 years old and has liver damage. She also has a … lump on her chest.  The Vet explained that they can’t do anything for her seeing she is too old. … I then researched your products and started her on LiverAid and C-Caps. She takes one C-Cap daily and the LiverAid 3 times a day. The impact it has had on her quality of live is amazing. She has her ups and downs, but for the most she is much better than before.  She goes for a short walk every day. My husband says (tongue in the cheek): the medicine does not help for her naughtiness! " — Davida