Gumz-n-Teeth Testimonials

Natural pet dental care remedy to care for teeth and gums and maintain oral health in cats and dogs.

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We have a three year old male exotic Persian x whom had a rare disorder… causing his gums to be red raw and his teeth to rot severely (his last vet visit he had six teeth removed). The Vet had no remedies and could only recommend [medicine] every other month. We had nothing to lose and so found Gumz-n-Teeth on the internet. He has been on them for six months now and has improved significantly. His gums are now a healthy pink color, he is able to eat without any pain and he is definitely more of a "loveable" pain free cat. We love this product and definitely are going to order more. Thanks Gumz-n-Teeth from "Bozley The Cat". —G.H., New Zealand
I just want to tell you how great your products are. I adopted a rescue dog in June who always seemed very lethargic and dopey to me. I got the Energy Tonic and that seemed to help her perk up a bit. We then added the Grief & Pining Formula since it ‘promotes an overall feeling of wellness’ and she also cried a bit when one of us would leave [and] we noticed an immediate improvement in her demeanor when using these 2 products together. We also added the Gumz-n-Teeth formula since she had bad teeth and that also very quickly improved the condition of her teeth and gums. After several weeks of new and better food, we noticed that her poop was still very poor. I ordered the RuniPoo Relief and to my amazement it fixed her poo in one dose! I've never ever had a product that worked in one dose-this truly made me a believer in homeopathic products. Recently she started itching a lot so we ordered the Allergy Itch Ease and have started using that with both our dogs and we have used Ear Dr. with her ears as well and it really seems to be helping. I am amazed at how quickly these products work and how well they have worked with both my dogs. My Boston terrier has bad allergies and teeth and the Allergy Itch Ease and Gumz-n-Teeth have really helped her as well. I'm now a believer and will continue to use your great products and am referring my family and friends to use them as well. Many thank you’s from a happy pet owner and 2 happy dogs. —Heather, Ellie (Boston terrier) and Abby (Boxer/Lab mix)
Over the years I have had many pets, and dental care is one thing I must admit I never really took much notice of. This all changed when I took my Poodle to the vet in our new hometown. This vet pointed out to me the accumulation of plaque that was already on Emma’s relatively young teeth. Since then, I’ve embarked on a regular brushing program, which Emma got used to very quickly, and also ordered your Gumz-n-Teeth remedy as suggested by the vet. After just a few weeks, I must say that I am thrilled with the results. Apart from the benefits I know Emma is getting from this program, I never realized how fresh a dog’s breath can smell!" —Esther
We’ve been giving Gumz-n-Teeth to our dogs and cats for nearly two months now and are very impressed. All of their teeth and gums look healthy, clean and smell better. We have also noticed an improvement in their coats and general health. A great product - thank you! —Lucy S.
“My dogs like to eat the pills [Gumz-n-Teeth]. They don't look like a treat, but they sure gobble them down, without even a disguised coating of cheese! I think it’s helping them too!” — Lisa, TX, USA