Furball Dr. Testimonials

Natural remedy for healthy feline digestion to prevent furball and hairball blockages in cats.

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I have been giving my 8 year old cat 1/2 a [Furball Dr.] capsule mixed in morning cat food. She is now having daily bowel movements, without any difficulties. I tried several prescriptions from the vet that didn't work over the past year. Thank you. —Karen, IL, USA
We have tried everything to help our cat, including expensive diets and cod-liver oil, you name it. This is the only product which has brought results. We haven't had a problem in ages. —Grateful owner
Since beginning on the FurBall Dr. we have seen definite improvement... Thank you for all the assistance! —Thea
Being Persian, our cat swallowed a lot of fur, which always ended up unfortunately on my bed! Your FurBall Dr. capsules are very easy to give to her, unlike other pills-- and we know the early signs now and make sure she gets them for a few days every time, which really does the trick. We have also found your Muscle and Joint Capsules helpful for our German Shepherd. All our thanks for what you are doing for the animals! —Tomas