C-Caps Testimonials

Natural remedy to help boost immune system and red/white blood cell health in dogs and cats.

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“My dogs have been on C-Caps just over 2 weeks and it is shocking really…. Both dogs were looking like they were having difficulty walking and were in pain. Energy level- very low. Audrey too thin, Stella too fat. Audrey struggled to poop, Stella frequent diarrhea. Now both dogs have lots of energy. They have pep in their step and Stella trots all the time - it is so cute. They want to go for walks, play ball, play with their stuffed animals. They are very affectionate again. And bathroom issues are resolving - Stella has lost weight and Audrey has gained. It is seriously like a miracle! Stella is 12 and Audrey Rose is 10. Now they seem years younger. These C-Caps are the best money I've spent in a long time. My whole life is happier because my girls are doing so well.” — Tammy C., USA
“I just want to let you know how the products are working. I have bought EaseSure in the past and when the first bottle was finished never replaced it. I bought it now again and will never forget to buy it again in future… With the C-Caps we also had success... I will not stop giving it to [my dog]. He is already 14 years old and this medicine helps him to cope better in old age. He is definitely more alive and will even chase the other two younger dogs around if he feels like it. The Skin and Coat Tonic was for the 2 other dogs. The one was adopted at the end of April from a dog shelter. All three dogs are eating food bought from the vet... I think the Skin and Coat Tonic, together with the better food and an oil supplement, helped for the skin. They hardly scratch any more but I will keep an eye on that. Thank you for your wonderful products, I will continue using them!” — Letitia K., South Africa
“My 9 year old Pitbull was diagnosed… in Feb. and has since under gone [procedures]. I stared her on C-Caps right away and it seems to be making quite a difference, she is acting like a puppy again and is very happy!” — Sarah, CA, USA
“My dog has been diagnosed… I ran a little low on the C-Caps I cut his dosage in half until the next order arrived. The difference in [his] energy level was astounding. If I ever wondered if this was helping, this settled it for me. Once he was back on the …dosage again, his energy level picked back up. Even the vet is amazed that his appetite is just fine! Thank you.” — Shelley F., USA
“My kitty Callie [was diagnosed] at age 8 and is now 16 yrs old. For the last 3 yrs I have been giving her C-Caps and it has been keeping her going strong. I convinced my vet that your products are great, too and he now is telling others. I'm hoping Callie can make it to 20 yrs old! Thanks again for making such wonderful products that work.” — Winnie K., OH, USA
“Two years ago my then 9-year old cat experienced uncontrolled eye movement, and could not walk straight because of it. She also had what appeared to be …losing control of her body and its functions, and she held her head at a tilt as she tried to move around… I found C-Caps, I have been giving C-Caps to her ever since and she has not experienced any other [issues]. She jumps up on trees and walks along the fence with no problems whatsoever. I intend to continue with C-Caps for the rest of her life, I think it saved her life. Thank you for this terrific product!” — C.S., NY, USA
“Fantastic product! My cat was diagnosed… Since using C-Caps he is like a kitten again and his symptoms have disappeared. I was unable to give my cats the herbal remedies they needed in the past because they always smelled them when I mixed them in their food and refused to eat their food… Now I can give my cats any herbal remedy they need without a problem.” — Lisa J., FL, USA
After only a few days, I noticed a new vitality and energy… it was like I had a puppy again. This combination of products has improved her overall health immensely. —Camille
Your C-Caps have made such a difference and are really easy to administer. I open the capsule as you said and mix the contents with a little butter and it all goes down like a dream! We have been struggling to get our dog to take a tonic, which we know is so important. The C-Caps are easy to give her without a struggle and we have seen a big improvement, and she seems very much more happy. Thank you for all your help and support! I am recommending your website to all of my friends! —Mandy J.
We startedour 9-year-old rescued German Shorthaired Pointer on C-Caps in July, and she is now going through her "second puppyhood". I have never seen her have so much energy. It's now been 4 months, and she is doing better than ever! We hope to have her with us for many years to come, and I thank C-Caps for that! —Erin Cox, CA
Just a follow up on a testimonial that I posted 2 years ago! …The vet gave her 4-6 months to live, and on Monday, June 16th 2008, she will celebrate her 2 year post- surgery birthday! I started her on C-Caps in July of 2006, I credit them with giving her a longer life... she isn't just surviving, she is thriving! THANKS!!! - Erin C., CA, USA
In Sept 07 my 5 year old Himalayan was diagnosed…. I wasn't given much hope… When I read about C-Caps, I felt I had to try it. In four months…the doctors were speechless… He is eating, playing and full of energy. Thank you for helping my precious boy. - Cindy, Canada
Have been using C-Caps since my Golden Retriever was diagnosed… 2 years ago. …She is the liveliest, and fittest 14-year-old you could wish to meet. People are amazed when they ask her age. She continues to take 4 a day, and will continue to do so. Thank you. - Marilyn H., S. Wales, GB
One of my fosters, Alvin, was just diagnosed… Alvin also has several other challenges… [and] he is on a lot of meds… I had ordered C-Caps and was waiting on them to arrive. As of today, Friday, the results are amazing. The C-caps came on Tuesday so his first dose was noon Tuesday. It’s been 4 days.... Yesterday, Thursday, I saw vast improvement but I honestly thought I was seeing things, and decided to wait until today to write about it. Today I saw even more improvement. I don’t know how long the improvement lasts, if this is short term or what, but Alvin has a lot of relief now! - Mona, FL, USA
Hi there -- I want to thank you very much for expediting my order to Canada (even quicker than promised/paid for). My dog… is already responding well. I will keep you posted. - Tammy P., USA
Dear team, Our tablets arrived this morning - absolutely fantastic service - many thanks to all of you. - Roland
My cat was recently diagnosed… Needless to say, I’ve been devastated ever since. I searched for something, anything, I could find, to save my cat. I came across PetAlive capsules, and I ordered them to be rushed to my house. I have been giving them to my cat every day. Overall, I see that she is a lot more spunky, and she is eating again. And, I’d like to think, or to believe, that this product, plus my will for her to live, will help her go into remission. I cannot lose my cat. I just can't. - Debbie, CA, USA
We adopted a cat in May '07. She came with problems, not the least of which was we were told she would be dead in 6 months… We were devastated. She is the most loving cat ever. I found your site by accident… I ordered a bottle and thought it worth the try. Our Cecilia should be gone by now. Instead, she is 13 1/2 lbs, plays like a kitten and eats her special food like a champ. She gets 1/2 a capsule daily…. Her eyes are bright, her coat is glossy and she is happy as a cat can be. Thank you, thank you for C-Caps. I know they are helping our baby and we will enjoy her for as long as we can. - Susan and Mike, PA, USA
In January of 2007, my 14 year old cat Jazz was diagnosed… and given only 3 months to live. I researched his options… and decided that not only I couldn't afford the expensive treatments, but also I didn't want to put him through so much pain, suffering and separation from his family. I stumbled across Petalive.com and began to research the C-Caps and decided, "what the heck?! It couldn't hurt to try!" Now one year later, Jazz is not only alive, but very much well. His appetite and energy levels have increased 10 fold. Not only does he act like a kitten, but he also gained 2 1/2 much needed pounds! …His quality of life is so much better since starting the C-Caps. I am a registered nurse and Jazz has made ME a believer in holistic medicine. I have also taken myself off of my prescription meds and started taking herbals from NativeRemedies.com. I haven't felt this good in years! A year ago, I read the testimonials on C-Caps and was hoping for the same happy beginning for my pet. I vowed one year later to submit mine if they truly worked, so here it is! Thanks a bunch PetAlive.com! - Janelle & Jazz, MD, USA
“Six weeks ago my 19 year old cat was diagnosed with liver cancer. My vet was not expecting him to survive, so when I found C-Caps I thought anything was worth a try. Since starting him on them five weeks ago he has gained weight, his coat and general vitality have improved, and a recurrent cold virus my vet has been trying to cure for almost a year has almost gone. Thank you!” - Sue, UK
“The vet gave my Maine Coon cat, Adeline, a mere two weeks to live when he discovered a lump in her bladder. He suggested putting her to sleep, which I could never do. I gave her C-Caps and two months down the road she has recovered the weight she lost and my vet says that it is a miracle, the lump is almost gone. I know that it says on the package that a cure cannot be guaranteed, but my Adeline is living proof that it can!”

- David B., UK

“Three months ago my best friend, my 12 yr old Border Collie, was diagnosed…With her health declining I was desperate to do something for her & that’s when I discovered your site & your C-Caps. She has been taking them every since. I can't believe what they have done for her. She acts like a puppy again, doing things that she hasn't done in a long time! I am so grateful for more time with my best friend! More time with her feeling good again! C-Caps have given her a longer and better quality of life. The difference from 3 months ago is like a miracle has happened. Thank you.”

- Debi, CA, USA

“My Golden Retriever, Ruby, was diagnosed in October of 2008…We were told that she did not have long. She was not eating and … she had a fever. I was searching for anything I could do to help her. I found PETALIVE and saw the C-Caps. I read the reviews- so anyone that reads these reviews they ARE real! I started her on them right away, and exactly 3 weeks later, her fever broke, and she began to eat and drink water. Slowly those little things you miss about your pet started happening again. She was right there when I was cooking hoping for a treat, and wanted to snuggle again with me. Words can never express the joy that my family and I feel. It has been a year, and soon she will be 12 years old. We are so grateful and amazed with her progress that we have even started using Native Remedies for our health problems!”

- Karene, CT, USA

“…Our lovely dog daisy - Bassett Hound - was diagnosed … on 5th April this year.  Her life expectancy was in the region of 4-6 weeks possibly a LITTLE more but here we are more than 6 months later!!! She has been taking C-Caps for months now, and that combined with some tissue salts and additional remedies and a very low dose of [medication] has permitted her a quality of life we never thought possible.  So we just wanted to say THANK YOU and we'll continue being a customer while she's still with us”

- Clare

“…As for the LiverAid, my dog is 16 years old and has liver damage. She also has a … lump on her chest.  The Vet explained that they can’t do anything for her seeing she is too old. … I then researched your products and started her on LiverAid and C-Caps. She takes one C-Caps daily and the LiverAid three times a day. The impact it has had on her quality of life is amazing. She has her ups and downs, but for the most she is much better than before.  She goes for a short walk every day. My husband says (tongue in the cheek): the medicine does not help for her naughtiness! ”

- Davida

"I wrote once before about our cat, Cecilia. Well, she is still with us. She should have been gone by Dec. of 2007. She still gets ½ a capsule every day and she is just as happy and loving as ever. She no longer gets special food as she eats anything not nailed down. I am so glad we stumbled across your site all that time ago."

- Susan and Mike S., PA, USA

“Our minature schnauzer Ceasar was diagnosed… on November 8, 2009 and following surgery was given 1 to 4 weeks… Started him on C-Caps and he has had a dramatic improvement, return of appetite and generally good health. His vet is amazed and we are happy to still have him with us. We recommend C-Caps! ”

- Eric H., GA, USA