Digestive Support Testimonials

Herbal digestive system tonic soothes stomach bloating & the gastrointestinal system of cats & dogs.

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My cat is over 15 and has been so sick for at least 2 years. We have spent a huge amount trying to get him well. I read up …and came to your site and found Digestive Support; I spoke with your very knowledgeable guy about how to dose him and when. I added the powder to chicken baby food and in 3 days he is NOT [getting sick]. He played for the first time in years. Thank you so much for saving my baby boy. — Dusty, USA
I have two cats, and I put a little bit of the herb mixture in their food and they will eat it (usually). I like that there is a sweet smell to the herb mixture. The capsules are too big for them to swallow so I just use the powder itself for the cats. I think in the long term, it will really help regulate their digestion. — Jody P., CA, USA
Thank you for the help and guidance you have given me. My beautiful collie has not been so comfortable in years. He just seems to be so much happier and healthier and we are so pleased that we followed your advice regarding Digestive Support and diet. — Alison, NJ
I wanted to tell you how much your capsules have helped our much loved family cat. We have tried many things but have not had the same success as we have now. — Deidre M.
Thank you to your team with their kindness, help and support. After all the different things I have spent money on, the most effective has been your Digestive Support capsules. They are easy to administer without fighting and wastage! — LRV
We have two small poodles. Due to continuous health problems., we switched to a raw diet and homeopathy, which helped greatly. But our little guy still suffered frequent bouts of painful digestion.

.In the meantime, we adopted a very sweet rescue poodle who had been severely traumatized. A week or two after she arrived, she started [having problems] several times a week. At first, I thought it was stress-related along with food sensitivities and allergies..

.I decided to try [giving] both dogs.Digestive Support.. We remained on a raw diet and, after starting Digestive Support, the frequent [problems] stopped. Yes, after the first meal..?

.One of the things I really appreciate about the product is the fact that there are just a few key ingredients which appear to be well-researched. Thank you, thank you for a great product.. — Robyn, CA, USA

We have two Himalayan cats, one female and one male, and will be getting another in about two weeks. We love our cats and they are like part of the family. I saw your ad on the internet and I decided all natural would be worth trying as it would not hurt her and just might help. I am very happy to report that after about three weeks of giving her your Digestive Support she is like a different cat; she plays with the other cat and is once again loving with us. She has normal trips to the litter box and we are really enjoying her again. Thanks again.… I give her half a capsule in about 1/2 tsp boiled chicken and she takes it very happily. I am recommending it to everyone I see. Again thanks for giving us back our "Suga" — Pat, OH
“My five-year-old schnauzer/beagle mix, Benjamin, has been plagued with severe broad-spectrum food allergies and inflammatory bowel disease. The first few years of his life were filled with numerous traumatic episodes of severe illness and emergency visits to the vet’s office. Today, Ben is healthy, thriving, and happy thanks to your company’s wonderful Digestive Support capsules. These amazing supplements have made all the difference. Thank you for restoring balance to Ben's body and our home!” — Raegan, MD, USA
“My 15 year old cat was diagnosed with [bowel issues] about a year and a half ago. She was skin and bones and had horrible diarrhea. Vet put her on…meds. It helped for a while but every other month she would have a relapse. She was going down hill so fast that I was afraid that I might have to put her to sleep. I decided to try RuniPoo [Relief] and that did help control the diarrhea, but I knew that she needed more than that. I started her on Digestive Support…I was not going to give up. I decided to just lightly sprinkle it on her food and it worked like a charm. She is like her old self again! I can't believe the difference! It did what all the… meds were supposed to do. She has gained weight, has no more loose stools. She is back to following me around the house and looking for attention. I cannot thank you enough!” — Shirley, USA