EQuine Colic Calm Testimonials

Natural equine colic treatment for relief of stomach cramps, gas and digestive problems in horses.

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"I haven't been able to ride my horse much in 3 years due to severe colic symptoms when riding her. My friends all told me she had behavior disorders and told me to sell her. I knew she was in pain due to the kicking at the stomach, stretching out and trying to urinate, refusing to go, bucking and rearing when I forced her to go. After just one dose of [EQuine Colic Calm] and my problems were solved , I now have a calm gentle horse who I can take out on a ride for hours without stopping , she has no pain anymore and I'm very, very happy that I did not sell her. Thank you for a wonderful product. I now give it to her daily in her grain and she is doing very well on it." — Veronica D., PA, USA

"Our vet told us that the stress of constant shipping and showing was the cause of our horse’s colic. We were devastated to see our Bay in such pain. Thanks to [EQuine Colic Calm], Lightning was feeling much, much better in a matter of hours!" — Andy M.

"…Our horse came with a history of stomach trouble. Now, whenever she shows signs of stomach ache or discomfort, I give her [EQuine] Colic Calm, and within minutes she settles…" — Mike, UT, USA

"We were so worried about our pony. he had been diagnosed with colic twice in 6 months. I did research online and found many natural remedies, but none with trusted credentials . then I found your site, thank you for a great product that I can trust!" - Ellaine

"Our horse had a tapeworm and after researching online, I saw that colic was a possible related condition and I didn’t want him to get colic. I gave our horse [EQuine] Colic Calm along with the prescription medication to rid him of the tapeworm. Thank you for a great product." - Candy

"I do volunteer work at an animal shelter. Many times we see abused and mistreated horses that have digestive upset and colic. We have started dosing the horses that show signs of stomach pain, and this stuff really helps. Thank you." - David G