EQuine Joint Relief Testimonials

Natural equine supplement to relieve swollen, painful and sore joints and muscles in horses.

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"I started my twenty year old gelding on your EQuine Joint Relief a few weeks ago. He is like a new horse. Lucky has suffered from …stiffness for about 4 years. Vet diagnoses have been inconclusive... He has gone from having to be encouraged to move out of his corral in the morning to waiting at the gate, trotting out and bucking. He is now moving freely again… He is like a new horse and I have hopes that I may be able to ride him again. Thanks for your wonderful product." —Betsy R., ID, USA

"I found [EQuine Joint Relief] online and have been using it ever since in my stables. My horses get great relief from this homeopathic care." —Hilary, UK

"We run a horse ranch and have done so for many years. My wife gives this product to all our horses each morning. It has become part of our health care system for them. We have had far less joint issues…" —Gray, MO, USA

"…great product, I will recommend to all my riding friends." —Timothy

"Thank you for this remedy . we ride everyday now and use your Immunity Supplement in the feed too!" —Kingsley and Heather