EQuine Respiratory Relief Testimonials

Equine respiratory treatment for breathing problems, nasal discharge and minor infection in horses.

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"Our new foal had [problems] of the nose and throat. We called our vet and he rushed to our stables… after he had seen her, we bought [EQuine Respiratory Relief] online, now she is getting treatment and doing much better, thank you." —Dane and Marsha, CA, USA

"[EQuine Respiratory Relief] is a great companion product to all the yearly preventative treatments my horses get from the vet. One can never be too careful... " —Hannah, Imperial Beach

"Great product . it works within a few doses and thank you for the fast delivery too!" —Leah

"My stallion is the main attraction at our horse club. Last week he showed signs of breathing difficulty and kept trying to extend his neck. I searched online and found this page . I am so thankful! After reading the symptoms I contacted my vet. He prescribed medicine, but was interested in [EQuine Respiratory Relief] too . thank you for providing me with something to use to lessen the throat pain for Ulysses!" —Cheryl and Ulysses

"… Simply wonderful, I can’t say more." —Miriam