RuniPoo Relief Testimonials

Natural remedy to support healthy bowels and help prevent cats and dogs from passing loose stools.

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It has been years now that I have fostered kitties & find them new homes. A momma & baby came in with many health issues and VERY loose stools. I tried everything that had worked before with no luck. I started them on RuniPoo Relief & baby tightened up in 4 weeks and momma in 5 weeks. They have now been adopted and healthy in their forever homes. —Nicole, CA, USA
My 8 year old Yorkie had been suffering with intestinal and stomach problems for years. Constant …[symptoms]. I took him to so many Vets and they all said the same thing… and nothing they gave me helped him. I came across the PetAlive website and ordered RuniPoo Relief; I was a bit nervous throwing something new into his diet but took a chance. Within 2 days the bleeding stopped and his bowel movements were normal. His energy is back also. I'm so grateful for finding such a great natural product and website. I will be trying other products!! —Janet, USA
We adopted our young cat, Daisy, even after being told that she had long-term digestive issues... (She IS a charmer!) She was on an expensive.dry food at the time, which wasn't helping. The folks at the shelter had tried everything. (Kudos to them for trying for over a year, and putting up with it for that long.)? Although SHE didn't seem in any distress, WE were, as it was horribly smelly, as well as messy.? They recommended more expensive.dry food, and pumpkin, which she wouldn.t eat. In desperation, we searched online for some help and found some testimonials about RuniPoo Relief. After laughing about the name, we ordered a bottle and were shocked to note the change after only one dose in her food. We've been using it for a couple of months now and while she's not absolutely perfect in that department, she's 95% better, which is good enough for all of us. Now, we're going to try Natural Moves for our old cat, Willie. —Anita, WI, USA
I just want to tell you how great your products are. I adopted a rescue dog in June who always seemed very lethargic and dopey to me. I got the Energy Tonic and that seemed to help her perk up a bit. We then added the Grief & Pining Formula since it ‘promotes an overall feeling of wellness’ and she also cried a bit when one of us would leave [and] we noticed an immediate improvement in her demeanor when using these 2 products together. We also added the Gumz-n-Teeth formula since she had bad teeth and that also very quickly improved the condition of her teeth and gums. After several weeks of new and better food, we noticed that her poop was still very poor. I ordered the RuniPoo Relief and to my amazement it fixed her poo in one dose! I've never ever had a product that worked in one dose-this truly made me a believer in homeopathic products. Recently she started itching a lot so we ordered the Allergy Itch Ease and have started using that with both our dogs and we have used Ear Dr. with her ears as well and it really seems to be helping. I am amazed at how quickly these products work and how well they have worked with both my dogs. My Boston terrier has bad allergies and teeth and the Allergy Itch Ease and Gumz-n-Teeth have really helped her as well. I'm now a believer and will continue to use your great products and am referring my family and friends to use them as well. Many thank you’s from a happy pet owner and 2 happy dogs. —Heather, Ellie (Boston terrier) and Abby (Boxer/Lab mix)
I have had Toy Poms as pets ever since I was a little girl, and …they have very sensitive stomachs. My vet says that this is normal for Toy Poms because they are highly-strung animals. I came across RuniPoo Relief on the Internet and decided to try it. Well, last week I used it for the first time and I think it made a huge difference… Thank you for a fantastic product! —Jenella Higgins
My two cats are 10 and 11 years old. I have been using your RuniPoo Relief for the last six months, and they respond to it fantastically. I feel safe giving it to them and it really works.. —Carla McD, Penn
Pet Alive is the only product line I trust for my animals. I use your remedies for all my cats and dogs and have just added RuniPoo Relief to my collection. I just wanted to let you know that once again I am not disappointed. RuniPoo Relief is just as effective as all your other products —Tammi Berera
I purchased RuniPoo Relief in October, and if I had not gotten this product, I probably would have [been] going crazy with all the fussing, worrying, and vet visit costs. Sabrina, my 8 year old Tabby, started to get bad diarrhea from moist food and even trying very high-end food didn't work. Even the organic dry food she threw up and got diarrhea. It helped to prepare chicken or fish and put it in chicken broth with only 1% fat. Still there was constipation 3-5 days, then diarrhea a few days. Once I tried RuniPoo Relief in October 2007, IMMEDIATELY she stopped the diarrhea, and a solid stool. I no longer fear diarrhea/constipation; however I don’t give regular moist cat food… I give this product the 4-5* rating! - Andrea, CA, USA
“My two tiny dogs have very sensitive stomachs and it seemed that I was taking either one of them every other week to the vet for terrible diarrhea, even with a good natural diet. The vet bills and medication were getting very expensive and did not help to solve their problem. RuniPoo Relief has been a lifesaver. I cannot believe how quickly it works. Thanks so much!!” - Ann, NJ, USA
“My poor 11 yr old Sheppard mix has had the runs for months. I have spent a fortune. RuniPoo [Relief] is amazing and I can't believe how quickly it worked. I tried everything and spent hundreds of dollars. I love this place and will always take their advice! This RuniPoo [Relief] is amazing!!!!!! Thank you.” - Sally R., CA, USA
“My 15 year old cat was diagnosed with [bowel issues] about a year and a half ago. She was skin and bones and had horrible diarrhea. Vet put her on…meds. It helped for a while but every other month she would have a relapse. She was going down hill so fast that I was afraid that I might have to put her to sleep. I decided to try RuniPoo [Relief] and that did help control the diarrhea, but I knew that she needed more than that. I started her on Digestive SupportI was not going to give up. I decided to just lightly sprinkle it on her food and it worked like a charm. She is like her old self again! I can't believe the difference! It did what all the… meds were supposed to do. She has gained weight, has no more loose stools. She is back to following me around the house and looking for attention. I cannot thank you enough!” - Shirley, USA
“After a year of trying to solve my mini poodle's [colon issues], I was at my wit's end. We had tried various foods, several medications, Chinese herbs, all to no avail. I saw RuniPoo Relief on the PetAlive website and decided to give it a try. Within a week, her [issues] disappeared. What a lifesaver!” - Lisa, NY, USA
“I can't thank you enough. My husband and I recently adopted a 6 year old, mixed breed rescue dog with extreme food and environmental allergies. We finally found a hypo-allergenic food that should work for every dog, but the super abundant, loose stools were a continuous nightmare inside the house and out, plus he was starting to get dehydrated and uncomfortable. We tried [medicines], rice, etc but NOTHING WORKED. We started using your product and within a day Brutus found relief. After a week, he has normal, firm bowel movements 2 times a day and no longer has accidents in the house. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I will be ordering other products soon!” - Michelle, CA, USA