FeliSafe Testimonials

Homeopathic remedy to naturally prevent feline fever and help control constant clear vomiting in cats.

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"I had 2 litters of kittens that I was fostering for a Humane Society. One of the kittens in the litter of 4 got [sick] and I was forced to give the 4 kittens back to be put down. I kept the litter of two kittens hoping to [help] them even though our local vets said it was very rare. When I found [FeliSafe] I ordered multiple bottles and it was a miracle both kittens lived and are completely healthy. All thanks to FeliSafe." — Angie D., PA, USA
"I'm sorry to say that before I found you, I lost 5 much loved cats. I'm very pleased to say that 8 of my cats are still living because of your product. Thank you so much. I thought we had lost all hope when that vet said to give up or get a [a procedure] and that it would of cost thousands of dollars. So, thanks to FeliSafe, for saving my cats." — Carol R. E., IN, USA
"I was so happy to find a natural remedy to help my very ill kitten ...I refused to give up. I found your site and [gave him] FeliSafe. He has pulled through! I know he still has a long road to full recovery, but thank you from the bottom of my heart." — Larry
"Thank you very much for natural medicine, my queen, Merlot, just had six kittens . I was terrified that they would get sick, I read up on your site, and have been giving them FeliSafe, and they are flourishing. I can rest assured that they are being cared for in a natural way... Thanks so much!! " — Josephine
"My cat went missing for a week and came home looking very, very bad. He had lost weight and looked dehydrated… I could not afford the treatment… A friend gave me your product, and my cat is doing well. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found this product; my cats mean everything to me!!" — Sherry