Immunity & Liver Support Testimonials

Natural remedy with herbs to boost immune system health and overall liver condition of dogs and cats.

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[I have a] 10 year old Doby mix, Daisy, [and] decided to try Immunity & Liver Support. I can't believe the difference it made. She has so much more energy now! She used to sleep all day now she runs around and plays again. Also she has had an eye [problem] that even a round of [medicine] wouldn't completely clear up, as well as [trouble maintaining healthy histamine levels]. They are both gone after just a week taking Immunity & Liver support. I am so thankful to have my playful, happy girl back!! — Shoshonee, PA, USA
…I am just so excited about my Jack Russell's recovery, she is allergic to fleas and she hardly had any hair on her back, despite spraying her with …[over the counter flea medication] and spraying the basket and carpets …and washing her bedding every week, there was still an itch and constant biting. Thanks to your products, Immunity & Liver Support, Clenzor and FleaDerm has all her hair grown back. I am just sorry I did not take a before and after photo…. She is lively and running around and I cannot say thank you enough. Now my husband believes in your products, as it has been less than a month and we have had wonderful results. … Thank you once again. Will order again as soon as we run out, we no longer need the Clenzor or FleaDerm, but keep her on the Immunity and Liver support to make sure she is immune to fleas. Thank you so very, very much. — Edith H., Port Elizabeth
Thank you. We love your products! Our dog was diagnosed … recently, and we had a pretty hopeless prognosis, but since we started her on the capsules, she is doing better than she has in years. She is a new dog! My husband and I are so grateful. Even our vet is amazed! —Bea D.
My Min Pin Mary is 10 Yrs old, she got very sick about a month and a half ago .I took her to my vet and he told me she had [pancreas problems] and we had to keep her in the hospital she was thee 3 days receiving liquids but would not eat. I brought her home and ground up the food and fed her with a dropper and also gave her water that way, she was not getting any better so my husband took her back to the vet, they took her blood again and this time he told my husband she was dying… my husband called me and I said there is no way I am going to lose my Mary. I got on the internet and started researching, I came upon your site I called my daughter and told her what was going on, now my husband wouldn't believe we could help her so he would not let me order the LiverAid for her so my daughter ordered it for me. You cannot believe this is the same dog I was told that was going to die. I then ordered the Immunity & Liver Support for her, I am so thankful for you all. My Mary has a lot of years left for me to enjoy her. Thank you so much and God Bless. — Linda, USA
My German Shepherd is my treasure! He is already 10 years old and he has always been a healthy boy. Lately he has been… eating lots of grass …your Immunity & Liver Support remedy has worked after only three weeks …Much more energy! Thanks for a natural alternative - next time I know where to come first! —Serena
I wanted to write in and tell you that I think you have a great Web site with lots of good information and help. I have already used two of your products and have been very pleased. My cat [really improved] …since your Immunity & Liver Support. —RC
Thank you for such wonderful products! I wish I had known about them sooner. I started giving my 13 year old cocker Immunity & Liver Support capsules for about 2 months. He seems to have a spring in his step now when walking …I can't thank you enough! —Patti, Michigan
I've been giving my 5-year-old pug Immunity & Liver Support, along with C-Caps, for 6 months …After only a few days, I noticed a new vitality and energy... it was like I had a puppy again… Her overall health improved immensely. Recently, I ran out of these products. Thinking I had another bottle of each in the cabinet, I did not order again in time to not miss some doses. I wasn't too worried as she is doing so wonderfully, but I quickly ordered again. is so quick and responsive; I had the refills in just a few days. Beans went without her supplements for about 5 days. Two days after starting her regular dosage again, she was perkier and more full of energy. I am convinced that Immunity & Liver Support is doing wonders in keeping her healthy and happy …I recommend your site and your products to every one. With all the toxins in our air, water and environment, even if your pet does not suffer from any disease or condition, I believe Immunity & Liver Support can do wonders to keep your precious family member healthy and full of energy throughout a long, happy life. Thank you! - Camille, PA, USA
I have two rescue Persians with extremely short nasal passages. One, in particular, has always had severe eye and nasal discharge, wheezing, stuffed up nose, etc. She has been to the vet numerous times and treated… I started her on Sinu-Rite about a week ago and am amazed at her improvement. For a few days she was completely clear, could breathe, etc. Then she caught a cold and is sneezing, etc. I am going to add Respo-K and the Immunity and Liver [Support] to see if that improves her immune system and respiration. Thank you for your wonderful products! - Dawn, USA
Thank You! My 16 1/2 Australian Sheppard was diagnosed…[adrenal problems] almost 2 years ago; however, instantly I began treatment with your Cushex Drops & Immunity & Liver Support capsules… I'm happy to say, Daisy Mae, is still with us and it is because of your medicine - Thank You for helping us to maintain our dogs quality of life & health! - Chris S., Buffalo, NY
My 12 year old poodle had a spell recently. She has …heart [problems]. She could not walk, hold herself up, her sight was impaired and she seemed confused, acting like an old dog that was expected to pass away. I did everything to help her 24/7 for about three weeks and nothing helped UNTIL I gave her the Immunity & Liver Support. The very next day she started walking, holding herself up on her own, sight improved and confusion went away completely. Back to her complete better self within three days. Could not ask for more. Thanks for the Miracle! - James, TN, USA