AmazaPet Testimonials

Homeopathic canine and feline respiratory remedy to help promote easy breathing in cats and dogs.

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“My 4 year old cat Toby was diagnosed… around August. The vet suggested I use a [medication] twice/day to prevent attacks, but warned me of the side effects that ultimately would spiral him into having more health problems. After doing much research I found Pet Alive AmazaPet. In addition to keeping Toby indoors during ragweed season, I gave AmazaPet to Toby as recommended and noticed results within about 2 days. He stopped coughing and wheezing all together. So I've been giving it to him ever since. Thanks to AmazaPet I was able to help Toby feel better and protect him from adverse side effects…. Thanks so much for making these great natural products that contribute to the well-being of my little Toby and pets around the world.”—Christa, MD, USA
“We adopted a 13 year old Maltese with many issues, one being breathing problems. She had many restless nights. We would make steam from a hot shower, to relieve her temporarily. We didn't want to use lots of meds, with lots of side effects. She is too old for that. Found this product [AmazaPet], and it is truly a miracle!! After the first day we saw a difference! Sleeps through the night! No wheezing!! Just remarkable!! Thank you!!!”—Sandy T., NJ, USA
I just want to know where I can post my very positive comments about your fabulous product. I ordered the AmazaPet and am WOW'ed by the relief both me and my female dog, Bella, a polite, petite, Pomeranian. I'm relieved because she can breathe easier (especially when she gets excited) and I see such a difference at night and during greeting. Also, I was at the supermarket buying food for my Bella & started chatting with the person next to me buying the same dog food product, and I said to him "Yeah, that's the only one my dog will eat too" his response was "Don't tell me you have a Pom?" I, of course responded "yes" as we chatted the problem of breathing and choking came up, and happily I referred him to your product, because I am very impressed and so happy that it is organic and natural I feel confident to stand behind it. He took down the name (AmazaPet) and I hope you get his order. — Dolores & Judi Z.
AmazaPet is the third remedy I’ve bought from PetAlive for my cat Tabby and I am pleased to report that it is just as effective as the others. PetAlive products have helped her every time! I must also comment on your wonderful customer service and prompt delivery. It is always a pleasure dealing with your company! —Shona
I decided I needed to do some research online. I found AmazaPet and was a bit nervous at first as I have never used natural remedies for my cats before. I ordered it anyway and wanted to tell you that my cats are so much better since I started giving it to them. AmazaPet really works - thank you so much, it is a real load off my mind to find natural remedies that work so well. —Jean W.
My pug has always snuffled a lot, which most flat nose dogs do naturally - especially in the mornings and the evenings when we went for our walks. I am a firm believer of your remedies for people and so I figured that I would try your [AmazaPet] which has helped very much. I give my pug two tablets before every walk and he eats them straight from my hand and runs around just like he used to! Thanks very much! —B.W.
My 11 year old cat has suffered… for years now and used to have several wheezing/coughing attacks a day. I decided to try AmazaPet and it has made a HUGE difference on the frequency and the severity. I will always keep her on this and this line has made a believer out of me! - Erika, USA
I am amazed by how quickly this tiny little pill worked. My kitten is actually approx 4 months old …and within 15 minutes I could tell a difference… Today she is breathing better and not making the wheezing noise from her congested nose. Like I said, I am absolutely amazed at how fast this remedy worked. I am a Reiki practitioner and some of my patients are animals. This is such a great line that I will recommend it and also check into your line of products for people too. Thanks. - Marcia, GA, USA
My brother’s dog has suffered… for over a year. She's been treated with vet-prescribed medications and sometimes some work and others don't. We were so afraid that she was going to die any time soon, because of the nearly fatal attacks. I decide to do a research on the internet and I found PetAlive. I was a a bit nervous at first, but I decide to give it a try with the AmazaPet. I have to tell you, that my brother is very happy with the result; AmazaPet has helped very much and no side effects. “It really works”. Thank you so much! - Sandra, FL, USA

"I rescued a Siamese kitten literally off busy streets last March. I thought he was about 12 weeks old and learned he was at least six months old. He only weighed three pounds! He had severe congestion, sneezing, and awful wheezing, particularly at night. After researching online I learned about AmazaPet for pets with asthma. Although I've had homeopathic remedies that have worked for me, my family, and my cats before - still, I was skeptical. I'm so happy to report that not only did the symptoms subside in just a few days but once the vet and I got all his infections cleared up, his asthmatic symptoms have NEVER returned! I still have a good bit left in the bottle "just in case." This really is an amazing product! Thanks so much. It was so hard hearing this little guy struggle so hard to breathe at night! He thanks you too! - Lisa W.

"I have a four month old teacup Chihuahua that has had breathing problems since I have had him. I have taken him to two different vets and the medicine that they gave me didn't seem to help him at all. I was about ready to take him back to the vet and have him put to sleep. I just couldn't stand to see him in the shape he was in. He would cough, stretch his neck to get air, and his little lungs would be going in and out so hard. He would sleep all the time and didn't have an appetite to eat. I had to force baby food down his throat to give him some nutrition. I also gave him breathing treatments that my grandson had. I found this website and found the AmazaPet. I ordered it on Tuesday, but had to wait for Christmas and got it on Friday. I gave him two pills to start with, and within 15 minutes he was eating puppy food and then he started playing and running around the house. He is a completely different puppy. We are so happy with the medicine and glad we found this site. If we have to give him these pills for the rest of his life it will be worth it to have him entertaining us and breathing on his own, enjoying life. Thanks very much. - Cathey, TX, USA

"I've had my 15 year old cat on AmazaPet for about nine months now and she hardly ever has a coughing or wheezing attack. I am so pleased with the product, the company and the customer service. Thank you.

- Patti S., USA

"I rescued a small Siamese cat off busy, cold streets. He had severe bronchitis and sinusitis, which we treated with antibiotics. However he also had wheezing/coughing--sounded like asthma. His breathing was labored, especially at night and this greatly concerned me. After doing some research, I decided to try AmazaPet. Within just a couple of weeks, he was breathing easily and sleeping soundly and peacefully all night. Once his infections cleared, he no longer wheezed and we didn't seem to need the medication so I passed it along to a friend who has a cat with asthma. And guess what?!? She wrote me recently that her kitty has gone from two attacks a day to NONE! :) I've since ordered FCV Protect to clear up my kitty's eyes (they get weepy, goopy at times and itchy). I'm hoping this will work as well and if it does, I'll be writing yet another testimonial. Thank you, NativeRemedies for great products and service, too.

- Lisa, GA, USA

"I am absolutely amazed! I purchased this for my older Pom, who was diagnosed with [respiratory issues] as soon as we got her. She had a horrible sounding cough. I have spent hundreds of dollars… but nothing really helped. Playing, excitement, just about anything would send her into a violent coughing fit. She was always panting also. We are on day 5 of AmazaPet, and for the past 3 days, I haven't heard 1 cough out of her! She seems SO happy and has much more energy. She's not panting constantly. I admit, I was a skeptic, and just purchased this just incase it helped her. I'm SO happy that it did, and can't imagine how much better she feels being able to breathe and not cough all the time. Thank you!

- Autumn, IL, USA