Muscle and Joint Support Testimonials

Natural remedy for pets to help care for healthy muscles, joints and bones in cats and dogs.

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Wonderful product that works! I have tried many different products to try to help ease my senior dog's [muscle and joint issues]. This is the only one that has produced noticeable and sustained results. Thank you! —Angela, IL, USA
My dog Katie was 12 years old and was having trouble with her hind end. She was losing muscle tone quickly and the vet feared that even though she was healthy that she would have much longer due to the fact that she was having so much trouble getting up. I started her on the Muscle & Joint [Support] as a last resort. With-in 2 weeks she was up running around like her old self. We have since lost Katie due to age but thanks to your wonderful product we were able to enjoy 3 more years with our beloved Katie. If not for your product we would not have been able to enjoy these last few years with her. Thank you. —Heather, NY, USA
I bought both Muscle & Joint Support and Energy Tonic... I have a 13 1/2year old Golden Retriever and I cannot believe the energy he has picked up by being on these pills. I only give him half the dosage as I usually forget to give him them in the morning, but by just having one of each pill a day I have seen drastic results in his walking and moving around. Thanks for a great product; it is much cheaper than the pills the vet gave me and PetAlive products work better. I just ordered more... thanks again. —Sue, MI, USA
I am happy to report that since taking your Muscle & Joint Support, our Great Dane is …again starting to chase the cat —Nancy
Our vet recommended your Muscle & Joint Support caps …She means so much to us and we are very grateful to PetAlive for this great product —Jeff R.
Our old cat …is …using your product. We can pick her up and stroke her, and she is less crabby, which means she must be feeling comfortable …Thank you very much for helping her —Sheila
Would just like to give you praise and thanks for a very wonderful product that does what it claims. Our dog Stimpy was having hip and joint problems. Stimpy was 19 years old and could not move much anymore or get up on her feet. We started giving her your [Muscle & Joint Support], and within one week, she was able to get up and move around more easily. Within three weeks she was running around, jumping up and acting like a young puppy. We were so amazed and delighted. We continued to give the product to her until she died just a few weeks ago and she went peacefully in my arms without any pain. Thank you for giving her the rest of her life pain free and happy with your product. I recommend your product to everyone that has a dog or cat with muscle and joint problems. Again, thank you and God bless you for your excellent product. - Steve S., TX, USA
“You are to be congratulated on your excellent service, which is so rare these days. I bought [Muscle & Joint Support] for my dog’s joints and bones and after using it for five days I can see the improvement. Thank You. I have emailed all my friends with your details. Keep it up. Thanks.” - Cynthia O.
“My cat was limping badly and after x-rays was reported to have [joint issues] in all joints but especially bad in her elbow. After only one week on Muscle & Joint Support her limping was much less and now, after a month she is not limping at all and is actually playful, something she hadn't been for at least a year. Thank you so much!” - Paula, CO, USA
“My 12 year old Poodle does not shake or limp anymore since she has started the Muscle & Joint Support. The very first day made a huge difference. She has been taking this for years. She does not shake or limp since she has been taking it. I do not go a day without giving it to her. I can't imagine what she would do without it.” - James, TN, USA