EaseSure Testimonials

Natural remedy supports normal electrical activity in the brain & neurological health in dogs & cats.

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“My Lab-mix puppy started having [problems] at about one year of age.. After having him on.EaseSure for five months..he is symptom-free, and he is doing great. My goal is to continue to reduce this medication and switch over entirely to EaseSure by the one-year mark of his first [problem]. .I have always been a big supporter of natural products. Thank you, Native Remedies. This is a great product!” — Susan G., USA
“My 12 yr old Siberian Huskie Cody started having [nervous system issues] about 8 mths ago and they were scary. My brother had an Irish Setter who had them really bad and was on [medication] for the last 3 yrs of his young life but was still having them. I didn't like the side effects so I searched PetAlive for something. I already use UTI-Free for my cat and was impressed with that so I hoped they would have something for Cody. Once again, it was the testimonials that convinced me of EaseSure. Every night I put 5 drops on a soft centered treat, it soaks in and I give it to her and since I started the EaseSure she hasn't had an [issue] (knock on wood). And it seems to last forever which is a good thing. But like the UTI-Free, which each bottle lasts about a month, the cost is negated by the other options, mainly surgery's, bad medicine, or God forgive, putting them down. Thank You PetAlive for two great products.” — Steve B., NY, USA
“I have to start this off by saying thank you soooo much to the creators of this product. It's truly been a Godsend. I have a 130 lb. German Shepherd named Adicus, who's about 6 years old. A few years ago, he began having occasional [episodes]. After the first [episode], it was several months until then next, then they began happening more frequently. It seemed that when he'd get really hot or overly excited/agitated, it'd send him into [one]... Although these weren't the only times, as he had them in winter too. I knew what the vet would most likely do, which was to put him on [prescription medication]. I know this drug works, but I also know that it tends to make animals seem very lethargic and "drugged-out"... and that was just unacceptable. Plus, I would've had to take him to the vet monthly for blood tests, and that wasn't exactly feasible either. So, I began searching online for a natural remedy to his problem. I stumbled upon Native Remedies/PetAlive, and then found EaseSure. After reading all the info, ingredients, and testimonials of happy customers, I decided this was the product to try. I was so excited to find something that was completely natural, then doubly excited to find that it really works! I began using EaseSure immediately after receiving it... Just by adding the recommended number of drops to a Milkbone, once daily. [I've found that Milkbones soak up the liquid better than anything else, and I know that no medicine is wasted. Plus, that's the treat he was used to receiving anyway.] Since I started giving him this product, it's absolutely amazing that the seizures have almost completely stopped. I've been using EaseSure for a few years now, and he's had only two or three [episodes] in that time. Another thing that's so wonderful about this product is not only can it be used as a preventative… but it can also be used to help …to reduce the effects once it's over. For example, during the few [episodes] he's had since using EaseSure, I quickly put about half the regular dose into a cup and diluted it with a small amount of water, then sucked the liquid into a syringe, placed the syringe into his mouth, and squirted it slowly into the back of his throat. This isn't easy to do …and you must be very careful since the animal has no control over their jaw muscles, but it can, and in my opinion, must be done. After giving him the diluted medicine, it was only a matter of 1-2 minutes before he was completely …up walking around, trying to regain muscle control. Before using EaseSure, [an episode] would last 4-5 minutes, then he'd be lethargic and obviously shaken for the rest of the day. I'm so happy to report that he hasn't had [an episode] in at least a year, and it's such a relief to know that even if he has one, I have what's needed to make it as easy on him as possible. [These episodes] are a very scary thing, especially if you've never seen one before, but with this product, you'll be equipped with the best tools available to help your furry friends! Along with the use of EaseSure... Stay calm, speak in a soothing voice to your animal, and just let them know you're there with them. I know this is long, but I could go on forever about this wonderful product, and I just hope someone will find this helpful. Good luck to all owners and pets suffering from [episodes] or any other ailment! Thanks again to the creators of this product…Both Adicus and I truly don't know what we'd do without it!” — Kayla H., KY, USA
“[EaseSure] has literally saved my 13 year old cat's life. Her name is Turbo; she has been fighting kidney … [issues] for 3 years. We have been giving her … meds, but this product really saved her. I was going to put her to sleep... Within 3 days she was back to her old self and eating everything in sight. I can't thank you enough. I tell all my friends and her vet.” — Marcy, CA, USA
“Thank you for our first order, of which you will be hearing from us shortly to obtain more of. Our cat had seen three vets up to the age of 14 weeks. He had been passed onto us from a family member. He couldn't walk nor drink or eat (without lying on his side), his eyes used to rock and his quality of life was poor. I took him on and worked with him day and night… my husband even built a contraption with frame and wheels to aid his ability. All that and he now goes to the litter tray unaided, precariously runs down the garden, purrs, cleans himself, plays in fact does everything that a two year old cat does except for jumping onto objects, having shaky stiff walks… I needed to try something to stimulate… I read a web page and ordered [EaseSure]. His first dose was on Tuesday 4 August. I sat with him, monitored him very closely and you are not going to believe what I am about to tell you, his pupils usually wide, actually changed to the cat slit that I am used to in my other cats. He observed things around him as if he hadn't seen them before. His little nose was sniffing frantically as if he hasn't smelt before and he groomed himself, front arm stretched. Second dose was the following morning, no difference to the evening before although he was exploring the garden really thoroughly. Third dose and he seems quite content and more sturdy when we pick him up, his shakes are slowing down…” — Christina C.
“I would love to add my story to the list of satisfied users of EaseSure. I have an 11-year-old Beagle, BD.. He recently started having [problems] about 80% of his waking hours.. I was, thankfully, directed to [the Web site] of Native Remedies. I ordered EaseSure and, within a couple of days, he was a changed pup. It has been three weeks, and I have seen no sign of any [problems].. He seems to be his old self, and I definitely am.happy and thankful. Consider me to be an extremely satisfied customer, and BD will continue on the EaseSure.. Thank you so much.” — Ronetta R., NV, USA
“I have had my 9 year old little 6 lb. poodle on EaseSure for over a year. Please, if you are giving your pet this product, do not miss a dose. I found that when I forget or I'm out for the day and miss a dose she will have an [issue] later that day. It is so important even when the animal seems to be doing great you CAN'T reduce the dosage. I'm so thankful I found this excellent product that really works.” — Karan S., FL, USA
“My cat was having severe [nerve problems] frequently… My cat was only a year old, and I did not want to subject him to strong daily medication. I decided to try EaseSure based on the testimonials on this site. My kitty is three years old, very healthy, beautiful coat, and very contented… and no more [issues] since he began… No side effects at all… and so easy, a few drops each morning on his food. This is an amazing product!” — Freda, Virgin Islands, US
“My 5 lb. MinPin. has episodes when he tips over and goes limp… After two episodes within a few hours I decided to try EaseSure in hopes of keeping him from getting worse. We are about 3/4 done with the first bottle and he has not had another episode since starting the bottle. He has always been very jumpy and sensitive to loud noises and a very finicky eater. Since starting the drops he has become more calm and has a good appetite. Overall he just seems more happy, relaxed and content. I am placing an order now for a second time so that we will not run out.” — Linda C., WA, USA
“We had a feral cat come in and give birth to 4 kittens. They all did well till about 7 weeks and then one of them (Sarah) began having [nerve issues]. They got progressively worse… I searched online and found your site and overnight express ordered the EaseSure and a Liver Support. After 1st dose she had 1 [issue] and after 2nd dose she had 1 more—she has been on it for about 2 weeks and has had no more [issues]. She has gained her weight back and is scrapping once again with her brothers and sisters. Her family stayed away from her for a while… but one of her siblings came and got me if she thought Sarah was going to have [problems] during her ill time… I cannot tell you how grateful I feel that you offer this product! Sarah won't eat until I give her her medicine… she is the dearest kitten. Prayers were answered!” — Cheryl, OH, USA
I ordered your EaseSure remedy online out of sheer desperation for my poor Labrador, Gigi. On top of everything, she ended up putting on quite a bit of weight- easy for a Lab! After speaking to my vet about my dissatisfaction, I put her on EaseSure as well as the conventional medication. I am really pleased to have found this natural addition to my Lab’s medication that has supported her so much - thank you from both of us! —Eileen P.
Our 11-year-old, 5-pound Poodle has been on it for the last 3 years. It is a product that I can truly say I trust and would recommend to anyone. She's now alert and in good health. I found PetAlive on the Web and gave it a try. It's a wonderful feeling to know when you find a product that really works. I give her 5 drops twice a day with 2 drops of.syrup and water. She laps it up and, as a treat, I give her a little dab of peanut butter. Please believe ? me. It worked for her. —Karan S., USA
I have given my cat EaseSure for one year now and it has made a big difference in her health. She has had [episodes] for several years and they were becoming more severe and happening more often. Since giving her EaseSure, the [episodes] have become significantly milder, last a much shorter amount of time and happen less often. Before, she was having [episodes] weekly and now there have been several months when she hasn't had [an episode]. I noticed an improvement within 10 days of her taking EaseSure. I highly recommend it for cats! —Suzanne, OR, USA
I ordered a bottle for my young obedience dog, Gizmo, who …was getting progressively worse until January. I ordered the EaseSure after being recommended it …I have my dog back! He is also back to competing in obedience again and showing great potential. I have also used it for my older Collie who is distressed my thunder storms, with great effect. - Julie J., Scotland
My 4 year old Jack Russel started suffering … in November. It was terrifying (for both of us.) My vet suggested [prescription medications] but the side effects seemed worse than the illness …In January I found your company. On Jan. 22nd I started my Sandy on EaseSure. It seems you are the answer to my prayers. I was very skeptical this would work, to be honest …I cannot say enough good things or praise this product enough. Today my little Jack Russell is completely normal. The drops do not slow her down at all. She is 100% the same dog she always was. It terrifies me to think I almost put her on lifelong meds that would have altered her personality and deprived her of her full, active lifestyle. I will forever be grateful to Native Remedies! - Vivian R., NJ, USA
I can't believe how fast it works. My 7-year-old poodle …got a lot worse and she started shaking. She's only 6 lbs. and I knew the side affects of the meds they would put her on at the vets. I ordered the EaseSure, and within a day of giving her the drops, she stopped … shaking. I am so thankful for a natural product that has worked so well. It's been 6 days now since the first dose and she is almost back to normal. Thank you for an alternative solution that really works. - Karan, FL, USA
I can't say enough about your products. Let me start by saying that I am a vet tech. This is a follow-up testimonial after adding EaseSure to the success I've had with 2 of your other products. … I thought I was going to lose [my Kramer]. In an effort to try to support his liver and pancreas, I looked for a more natural approach and discovered your products. After a couple months on products to support his liver and pancreas with great success, I decided to start him on EaseSure … I couldn't be happier and neither could Kramer. I'm so thankful I found your products. - Jeanne S., WV, USA
… I decided to try EaseSure a few months ago on [my cat Mica] on my own because my veterinarian did not like the idea of treating [her] naturally. Mica has now been on EaseSure for 2 months …and she is a whole new cat. Thank you Pet Alive for giving my cat her life back! - Hollie, USA
I love this product. I have been giving this to my Maltese for about six months.. I use an eye dropper and give it to her once a day. I am very thankful that I don't have to give her a pill. Thanks, PetAlive, for a great product. - David, USA
“I was not sure if the product would help my cat and it does - much to my surprise!! My cat has seizures/fits once a month for a few months.  The vet said there was not much to be done ... I did a search and came upon your website and on an impulse ordered EaseSure.  I ordered three bottles as I live overseas and I was not sure how easy and prompt delivery would be.  Besides, our local customs will surely call up to ask what was in the parcel.... and ask questions.  Thank you for printing the ingredients on the envelope, that helps to cut down on being asked a lot of questions. EaseSure came very promptly - about 10 days upon payment.  What about the product?  Well, my cat has not have a single seizure since December 2007 and I will continue to use the product. ” - Dell C., Singapore
“My six-year old FIV cat was having seizures/fits about once a month for six months. … I did a search and ordered EaseSure; not sure what to expect. The three bottles came in 4-5 days though I live half way around the world. It would have arrived earlier if our local customs did not hold it up. Later I saw that ingredients were listed on the envelope-no reason for delays. My cat took EaseSure in December 2007 and has been seizure-free for 11 months. I cannot believe it myself and still keep my fingers crossed. I ordered more PetAlive products on a Friday and parcel arrived late afternoon Monday in Asia-amazing!” - Dell C., Singapore
“My 13 yr. old cat, Chester, began having severe seizures 1 1/2 years ago. I searched for a natural treatment and found your EaseSure. At first I gave it to him once a week. Three months passed before he had another seizure. This one was more severe and was quick (about one minute), followed by another. I gave him a dose of EaseSure during the second seizure and it quickly subsided. He continued to have seizures every couple of months but with the EaseSure they became less and less severe. I now give it to him every night at bedtime. He has had only one seizure in the last six months and it was very slight and lasted about 45 seconds. Chester and I thank you for your product. ” - Kathleen L., USA
“My 12 year old Poodle's [nervous system issues] have been under control for many years now. She only gets a…spell once every 2 to 3 months. Without the EaseSure she had [spells] several times a month. She takes her Vet prescribed … medication and the EaseSure. Using both is absolutely a miracle for her. ” - James, TN, USA
“I have to admit I was skeptical when I ordered EaseSure, but I have to say it was one of the best things I could have done. One of our cats had [nervous system problems] regularly (1-2 times a month) that could last for several minutes and were quite frankly terrifying. Every time it happened I thought he was not going to come back from it, even after …it would take 5 to 10 minutes for him to return to normal. But I am happy to report that he has been [issue] free since we started giving him EaseSure. I can't thank PetAlive.com enough. ” - Ted, USA
“I just wanted to write and tell you how satisfied I am with your product. My little love, Xena, mini dachshund, was experiencing [nervous system problems] for about 1 year, I put her on conventional meds from my vet. Needless to say her weight ballooned, she would sit by her food dish and cry for more food, her weight went up to 18lbs (should be 12) and, she would still have [problems] once a month. A co-worker told me about your website so my husband and I thought it couldn’t hurt to try. To our amazement she went 10 weeks [problem] free with a bout shortly after, now it has been 7 weeks … and she has lost 2 1/2 lbs, which is HUGE for her size, we are sooo pleased we have our little love back, and will continue to use EaseSure for the rest of her life!!!!! Please keep making this product, it has saved Xena from a life of health issues and we are soo happy to have found you!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! ” - Mary and Todd B., and Xena
“My dog is 14 years old. He started having [nervous system problems] and I did not know what to do. I decided to try EaseSure and it works. I was so impressed. He has been taking it for 6 months now and has had only one very mild [issue] since I have been giving it to him. This is a great product that works and is herbal… ” - Rita G., CA, USA
“My Alaskan Malamute started having fits when he was about 2 years old in 2008. According to the vet the fits were the result of [medication] that the breeder gave him as a puppy. He has severe side-effects from the chemical medication… prescribed by the vet. After consulting a vet specializing in homeopathy and herbal remedies, he was weaned off [medicine] and put onto a homeopathic remedy (ArsenAlb, Sulphur, Thuja) and EaseSure. He has been on this from March 2008 and he went from 1 fit per month to 2 fits per year! The severity of the fits has decreased and he recovers fully within 30 minutes. Before he started on EaseSure, he took about a day to fully recover. And of course, there is no side-effects from the EaseSure. Thank you very much for a wonderful product! ” - Carin M.
“I received a kitten via my sister who picked it from a litter. When she eventually got the kitten it couldn’t walk, as weeks went on it couldn’t feed, use the litter tray nor drink and it kept on falling over. Two vets over here claimed he had water on the brain and needed to be put to sleep. So I said I would have a try first. I … devised neck collars and body supports and his walking progressed, I spoon fed and syringed fluids every hour. He then became able to feed, drink and walk and use the litter tray on his own. But he was starting to have nervous shakes… We took him to the vet again and without even an X-Ray the vet suggested he be put to sleep. I searched the internet and stumbled across EaseSure. He was about two at the time. The product arrived and I placed 2-3 drops into some meat and watched him like a mother hen. I observed eye dilation, his sense of smell was like the first sniffs. Now nearly three years old and still on this product, he is much more a solid cat, grooms himself, happily plays with the other cats, climbs on the sofa and does everything a normal cat does except running and jumping onto things. His [shakes]…have become less apparent. Very pleased with this product and will continue to use.” - Christina, England, UK