GlucoEnsure Testimonials

Natural pancreas remedy to support normal insulin and blood sugar (glucose) levels in dogs and cats.

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I have been using your product, GlucoEnsure, for over a year now, and I am very satisfied with it.. I happened to find you on the Internet, and.I wanted to find something that was natural and organic vs. chemicals. I had [my cat] on [GlucoEnsure] for about a month and a half.. I am very happy with your product.. Thank you so much. —Peggy S., USA
I just wanted to let you all know that we have been very pleased with the results of your GlucoEnsure for our cat. Your support team has been wonderful in suggesting a healthy diet, etc., and with the GlucoEnsure capsules, we have seen a huge improvement. —Sue.
Your capsules are easy to administer. We used to have to fight to get our cat to take any medication at all, and I don't know who was more upset - us or her! It is easy to open your capsule and mix it with a little tuna and she takes it with no trouble at all - simple but very effective! Thank you for a great remedy..! —Deb
Our vet is very happy with us after making diet changes and using GlucoEnsure-- our dog has received a clean bill of health! She has just turned 10 years old and is back to her former self again-- that is thanks to PetAlive! I like that you stress the health aspects and not just taking pills. Thank you for your help. We will definitely return when we need to. —Steve B
My cat was diagnosed … a couple years ago… About a year into it, I started him on GlucoEnsure. I was impressed with the product and continued using it. After several months of a zero-carb diet and GlucoEnsure, he… is almost 16 years old and looking very well. - John, MA, USA
“I have been using GlucoEnsure for three months now on my Husky and in the last month, she is acting like she used to ... She has more energy and acts like she feels a lot better. She is a lot happier since she feels better. I used to have problems with getting her to eat. Now she eats all her food. I buy organic dog biscuits for her and she seems to love the taste of the GlucoEnsure in her food. I would recommend this product to anyone with a diabetic pet.” - Janet B., TX, USA